OAP personality, Toke Makinwa speaks on the ongoing feud between Jude Okoye and Morgan “This is so sad especially for…”


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Going by the feud between Cynthia Morgan, her former manager- Joy Tongo and her record label entertainment boss- Jude Engees Okoye, on air personality-OAP, Toke Makinwa, has also voiced out on the matter.

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“It is easier said that done. I may not have all the answers. It is a sad situation for both parties. Hoping they both can work something out. I am such a huge fan of Cynthia Morgan and I can’t deny the genius that Jude is too. We just want music!”

“Money is invested in the hope of making more money. If more money can’t be made, at least, what is owed should be paid back. Withholding means of payment back serves no one any good, rather creates an environmnet where your investment is protected; get your money and move on!”

“If Talent wants to leave or no longer serves purpose to a label, remove feelings and look at ways that they can go, become bigger and pay your debt. Nobody makes anyone, there was talent there, that’s why you chose to invest. Let them go and focus on how they pay your investment.”
“There has to be more ways to settle this Talent/record label/management relationships, nobody wins when there is no resolve, monies are still owed, talent is still wasting, there is a bigger picture that pride/ego rubs everybody of when we refuse to see the big picture.”

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