“You can’t change financial agreement terms halfway and later cry about being cheated,” Eldee and Daddy Freeze speak on Cynthia Morgan and Jude’s fight!


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Going by the feud between Cynthia Morgan, her former manager- Joy Tongo and her record label entertainment boss- Jude Engees Okoye, Eldee the Don and Daddy Freeze have also voiced out on the matter.

According to Eldee, people shouldn’t willingly sign a contract and then turn around to claim they were cheated. This was seconded by Daddy Freeze.

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“Don’t willingly sign a contract & then turn around a while later to complain about how you are being “cheated”, if the terms are no longer favorable, renegotiate. But, remember that your partner also reserves the right to accept the new terms. You can’t sign a financial agreement and expect to change the terms halfway into the deal unless that option/clause exists in the agreement to begin with.”

When Daddy Freeze saw his post, he seconded the post. He tweeted “Absolutely!”

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