“Save my son” Shad Gaspards’ last words before his death.


People are still yet to

get over the death of Kobe Bryant and daughter Gina Bryant, when another tragedy struck off.

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This time around, it is the death of 39 Years old former WWE Superstar, actor, writer, polymath, kick boxer, fighter and the father of Aryeh. Shad had laid down his life to save his son, Aryeh.

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It was gathered that Shad went swimming with his 10 years old son- Aryeh on Sunday when the incident happened. He however told the lifeguard to save his son. His body was not recovered untill Wednesday. His body was found on Venice Beach in Los Angeles, exactly three days after the incident.


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This is tragic! May his soul keep resting in peace in Jesus mighty name, amen.

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