Cynthia Morgan’s new name “Madrina” sounds like fish in…


If you are a Nigerian, then you are already familiar with the ongoing feud between the owner of Northside Entertainment record- Jude Engees Okoye (Jude is also the elder brother of Psquare- Peter (Mr.P) and Paul Okoye (Kingrudy) and  Cynthia Morgan who was once signed to the record label.

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So, Cynthia Morgan recently decided to change her stage name from “Cynthia Morgan” to “Madrina.” According to her, Jude Okoye did not only take over her Vevo account, Instagram account, royalties, but her stage name hence the reason she is changing the name to Madrina.

So this is it; when I first heard about her decision to change her name to Madrina, I was like “Madrina gini?” which translates to “Madrina what?” in a sarcastic way though. 

The name Madrina is not really ringing the proper bell in my ears, and entertainment-wise. I feel Cynthia should have applied knowledge while picking another stage name. A name matters a lot in the entertainment industry. The name you pick in an entertainment industry can either work for you or work against you.

Cynthia seems to have forgotten that the same issue she is having with Jude Engees Okoye, other artistes too had it.  Talk about Kizz Daniel’s; he had an issue with his former record label- G-worldwide and changed his stage name from “Kiss Daniel” to “Kizz Daniel.” Kizz Daniel changed to a similar name. Even other artistes that changed their names without any clash with their record labels changed to something similar. That’s exactly what Cynthia Morgan should have done as well. What y’all think?

That her new name self sounds like all those fishes in the can like Titus, Geisha, Sardine canned fish. More like Madrina fish.

A stage name is not something you just wake up and decide to change, because it can in the long or short-run confuse your fans and make you lose fans.

Cynthia Morgan was working well for her and it is still working well for her. So, why the change of name? Even Jude Engees said he did not take over her stage name. So ogini bu the problem as in what really is the problem?

Biko Cynthia, I love you o, but I still think you should retain that name. But regardless of your decision, I love you and wish you the best in your music career.

By the way, people, don’t forget to bring back Cynthia Morgan into the music industry with the hashtag  #bringbackcynthiamorgan.

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