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Like you all know, WordPress is

among the most popular and most used Content Management System (CMS) Software all over the world; it is widely used to create blog/website contents.

Ogefash Photo Blog currently blogs on WordPress site. To be honest, WordPress is one of the easiest and sweetest platform for blogging.

WordPress really has outstanding features that stands them out from other Content Management System Software like Drupal, Joomla, Magento, TYPO 3, SharePoint, Kentico, Concrete5, PrestaShop, Silverstripe, ExpressionEngine, Textpattern, Telerik, Magnolia, Alfresco, Contao, Umbraco, OpenCms, Sitecore, MODX, PhpCMS, Bolt, DotNetNuke, DotCMS, Grav, Plone, Radiant, HIPPO, BetterCMS, Documentum, Django, ImpressPages, Kirby, Pulse, Serendipity, Jahia, ProcessWire, Neos, Pimcore, Cascade, CMS made simple, eZ Publish, Nuxeo, eZ Platform, Kajona, Agility CMS, Exonic XP, b2evolution, Contentverse, BrowserCMS, October and so on. View more here…https://www.google.com/url?q=https://www.martechadvisor.com/amp/articles/content-marketing/top-content-management-system-cms-software/&sa=U&ved=2ahUKEwj8wcTVr7XpAhXJ2KQKHZj3C_AQFjAAegQIAhAB&usg=AOvVaw1bowG_6r6QD8zTDbtzVErw

According to SEJ, WordPress has massive site speed, has superb plugins made specifically for SEO, helps integrate your campaign with Social Media, allows you create Attractive Permalinks, makes Metadata easy to manage, is easy to optimize images for SEO and so on. View more here https://www.searchenginejournal.com/wordpress-best-cms-seo/338275/

Among WordPress numerous outstanding features, also lies their efficient customer care support. It is high class and leaves customers satisfied; WordPress customer care service is second to none.

The aforementioned is one of the factors that endeared me so much to WordPress.

Jeez! Believe me when I say their support agents response to the numerous questions asked by customers via emails, live chat, social media handles, calls and so on is speedy, intelligent, helpful and shows how well knowledgeable these support agents are about WordPress.

However, the outbreak of Coronavirus which has brought lots of changes in family and business circles, may have also brought changes to WordPress.

I really don’t know if WordPress reduced their staff or changed their entire staff; but that “fat” efficiency I so admired them for in terms of customer support has become “slim.” Usually, when I send a mail to WordPress to make enquiries, they reply almost immediately and knowledgeably; if you take a gander at the speed in which they reply mails, you won’t be able to differenciate it from a live~chat, gaskia!

But, all that has changed. WordPress no longer replies emails on time. Instead, what you get is an automated message “We would reply before the next 24 hours.” Even when an agent eventually replies, the information is not always satsifactory like it used to be.

I once sent an email to WordPress, I waited for their response for more than 72hours, but didn’t get a reply. I resent the message two or three times, before I got a response in about 24 hours’ time.

Again, I sent another email to WordPress cause I needed to make an enquiry about why my traffic is basically coming from only one SEO, Google, and has no traffic from Yahoo and co. My brothers, my sisters, my people; it has been over 168 hours since I sent a message to WordPress, and I am yet to get a reply. This is so unlike them. I would resend the message, in case they forgot, which again, is unlike them.

Gush! Coronavirus, please go away and bring back my WordPress Ogbonge customer care support .

But anyway, in case WordPress does not have an answer to my question, please, I am asking y’all, is there any reason why my traffic is only from one SEO, Google and not from other SEO like Yahoo and co?

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