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CONSECRATION: “For Moses had said, consecrate yourselves today to the Lord, even every man upon his son, and upon his brother; that he may bestow upon you a blessing this day” Exodus 32: 29

Bible Passage: Judges 13: 3-7

Consecration is the process or practice of making something or someone sacred, dedicated and set apart for the Lord. It is the devoting or setting apart of anything or anyone to the worship or service of God (Exodus 28:41)

The race of Abraham and the tribe of Levi were consecrated (Numbers 3:12). According to the Mosaic Law, the first born both of man and beast were consecrated to God (Exodus 13:2, 12, and 15)

A consecrated one is called to live a life of purity, a life free from sin and contamination.


Broken consecration on the other hand is a state of contamination of a consecrated person. Consecrarted vessels that were contaminated by one thing or the other include

Samson : For disobedience and lust for strange women (Judges 14: 1-3; 8-9)

Miriam: For envy (Exodus 15: 20-21; Numbers 12: 1-10)

Moses: For anger (Exodus 14: 21-28)

Gideon: For pride (Judges 7: 20-22; 8:22-27)

David: Comfort (1 Samuel 17: 34-37; 2 Samuel 11: 1-27)


  • Present yourself wholly to God (Leveticus 11:44; Romans 12:1)
  • Purge yourself of all filthiness of the flesh and spirit (2 Timothy 2:21; 2 Corinthians 7:1)
  • Comply to divine instructions given by God in His Word (John 17:17; Psalm 119:9)


  • Overflowing blessings (Exodus 32:29)
  • Overflowing anointing (Hebrews 1:9)
  • A chosen vessel of God (2 Timothy 2: 21)
  • Ever abiding presence of God (Psalm 91:1)
  • Outstanding victory without a fight (Proverbs 16:7)



God is calling you to live a consecrated life unto Him as  a peculiar person and a royal Priesthood. He is willing to see you exhibit the life of consecration unto Him. Do not disappoint God.

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Culled from RCCG Sunday School- Students’ Manual pg 13-14

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