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Culled ftom Dakota Home by Debbie Macomber!

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The storm came so fast, giving Maddy an opportunity to move so close to Jeb. With splayed fingers, she cradled his jaw and turned his face to hers. She yearned for his Kiss, so when he did, she welcomed his mouth with a soft groan. They clung to each other. Soon, their kissing became a frenzied need, his mouth slanting over hers, their tongues finding and stroking. Her hands were busy unfastening the buttons to his shirt, and at the same time, his fingers unfastened hers.

Pushing aside the thermal underwear, he cupped her bare breasts and stroked each nipple with the pad of his thumb. Gently bunching them together,  holding them in his palms,  he administered detailed attention to one nipple and then the other, first licking them to hard peaks and then sucking each in turn, until Maddy sighed with the intensity of the pleasure.

She wasn’t sure how it happened, or when, but she was out of her jeans and the thermal underwear, straddling Jeb. He remained upright, his own jeans open and halfway down hisq legs. She saw where the prosthesis was joined to his thigh and saw the doubt in his eyes, as though this would disgust her. Maddy answered the unspoken question by wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him with such fervor, it was a wonder they could breathe.

“I can’t… normal position,” he choked out. His hands grasped her hips as he slowly lowered her weight unto him. Maddy felt the hot tip of his penis as she settled herself over him, slowly taking him inside her. She paused and he groaned but offered no resistance, giving her body ample opportunity to accept his. For a long moment, neither moved.

As slowly as she’d descended, Maddy rose and sighed, feeling warm and very womanly as she set the pace of their lovemaking. With his hands on her hips, and his back against the sofa, Jeb guided her movement until she reached the orgasm, and he did, too, almost, immediately afterward.

Panting, Maddy’s lip caught in her bottom teeth, Maddy collapsed against him. Jeb wrapped his arms completely around her waist and wordlessly hugged her.

They had made love as If they had been born for this, for one another.

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