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Culled from Going Overboard by Christiana Skye!

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Carly had race of emotions in her eyes as she and Mckay walked in silence to the blue~shingled house. was already aroused as she stayed around McKay.

“I will take your suitcase to the bedroom and tell Duncan, the trained medic to check you out,” McKay said

“Don’t go.” Carly closed her eyes, feeling the weight of unspoken questions “Talk to Duncan later.” “I don’t want to see other people, not yet” she added.

She tilted her head, smiling faintly as she tugged his shirt from his jeans. She tugged open his shirt with trembling fingers.

Gravely, he removed her jacket and sent it flying

His skin felt ready to ignite when she tugged his T~shirt from the waistband of his jeans. He caught her wrists, Feeling her shudder as his hand skimmed her lace camisole, then slid beneath, closing around her breast. His lips followed, teasing and groading, stretching out the pleasure until she moaned restlessly.


“Your shirt,” she rasped, yanking at the black cotton and sending it flying. Her breath caught as she struggled vainly with the. buckle at his zipper. Cursing softly, he finished for her grimly aware that this was supposed to be about turning her to putty, not him. Through a haze of desire, he felt her nails rake delicately over his back.

He claimed her mouth dragging in the taste and heat of her while he shoved down her skirt.

She made a low sound when he stroked her thighs and drew away her last bit of lingerie, then parted the soft curls.

She sighed gripping his shoulders as he found her tight, hidden center. With the water a glistening spray around them, he sank to the ground and took her with his mouth.

Her sudden stiffening told him she hadn’t had this kind of pleasure before, and the discovery nearly undid the last remnant of his control. Her body shook as he savored her, drawing her moan of pleasure. Knowing that no other man had touched her this way, he took his time with his sultry exploration and drank in the sight and feel of her, his blood pounding. Slowly, he snapped the pleasure tight and felt her shudder as another husky cry spilled free.

“I have wanted this, wanted you. Again and again” Rising, he backed her against the wall, needing to feel the pleasure race again, but she pushed away, tugging at his belt and cursing when the denim resisted.

“I  may have to murder whoever invented jeans” she rasped.

“I will help you.” They finished the job together, their breath fast and straining. When it was done, she stared fiercely at him, her skin slick from the shower spray. And then, her fingers closed around him, making him shudder when she grazed him delicately with her nails.

“Put your legs around me,” he said, bracing his arm on the cottage Wall.

Cupping her lips, he rocked her against him beneath the hot, pounding water. “Okay? Your side_”

“Forget my side. Just let me have you now.” She was wet and tight when she sank against him, taking him within her, inch by incredible inch.

So beautiful, he thought, bringing them together with deep, rocking strokes. But he cursed when he saw the tears dotting her cheeks. “I  hurt you, dammit.”

“No.”She gripped his shoulders. “I want more. I want to fee your pulse deep inside me.” Her legs locked as she drove against.him urgently. “Do it now.”

McKay fought a haze of need as her body clenched each.tremor dragging him to the very edge of control. Blindly, he drove upward while spray misted their joined bodies, and she cried out his name, rocked to a shuddering climax.

With the shower beating hot on his back, he held her, guiding her once again to a breathless climax. Only then did he close his eyes and cry out hoarsely, spilling himself inside her.

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