Prep yourself; prepare yourself lonjebe (that’s the meaning). It is the return of the Gulder Ultimate Search. Ghen ghen, oya go and start taking all the necessary swimming lessons so you can pass the swimming stage oh. Remember, there is no GUS audition that doesn’t come with a swimming test; oya go prepare wella. Follow their pages to find out more about the upcoming competition.

In case you have forgotten about Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS), let me quickly refresh your memory. GUS is among the first television reality shows in Nigeria. It is a reality show sponsored by Nigerian Breweries. The first edition held in 2004 and Ezeugo emerged the winner. GUS is not kissing, romance, or love-making reality show like Big Brother Naija (BBN); but it is certainly one reality show that would keep your eyes fixed on the television and your ass glued to the chair. You doubt me? Wait for the rerun to kick-off!

Meanwhile, Gulder should kindly start with the money they know will not hook them so that they do not stop the show again. I know lots of people that have been dreaming about taking part in this competion; I am one of them anyway, but too bad I can’t participate in the re-run because I have passed the required age for one to take part in the reality show.

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