Talk With Ogefash (T.W.O) EP 4 “Are you alone? No, you are not. Am I alone? I am not!!!

[It’s T.W.O, Talk With Ogefash Baby]


Hi Ogefash, I always feel lonely; am I alone?

Ogefash’s reply

Collins Dictionary defines “Alone” as “The act of feeling alone, the act of feeling that nobody is with you, and, nobody cares about you.

In layman’s language: Alone means “only you”, it is the absence of someone or something in your life. No one is around you, not to talk of being around to support you.

So, are you alone?

You are not alone” “You are not alone” You are not alone” were the four words a female facilitator said repeatedly as I went to a job seminar with high hopes of returning home with an employment letter. Not my fault though, their campaign for people to show up at the seminar, made it look so.

Who could blame me for having such high hopes about the seminar; after graduation from the University, I searched for jobs tirelessly for years; but all effort to find one was futile. There was no money; struggling became a friend of mine. I felt so lonely; I felt so disfavored; it was to me like help was far from me. To me, it was like God abandoned me.

And here was I at a job seminar with the female facilitator reiterating the four words “You are not alone” 

“God never leaves you alone; regardless the challenges, there would always be someone out there to help you.”

I really don’t know why people who have thousands of reasons to stay alive decide to kill themselves for one reason- Ogefash

I have over time pondered on this, and now, I have realized that I am not alone. Do you often think you are alone too and there’s no helper around you?

Well, you need to chew over this, as in ponder about it well.

Madu (People), biko (please) life is worth living for. You need to fight that Grave call regardless challenges- Ogefash-

Look around you, you may not be where you are but you are surviving even though it seems like a cliché. The economy is bad, “Oh I am cashless in a cashless society, there is never money on me, no money in my account” but somehow when you need money urgently, it comes your way. You may not be eating what you desire or the three squares of meals, but there is always food on your table.

Think about that interview you were preparing to go for without having any cash, but somehow, someone showed up and gave you transportation fare for the interview. You are not wearing Gucci or D&G, but somehow you have got clothes on you. You can’t afford a new pair of shoes, but somehow the old ones still fit your beautiful legs and are not chewed up.

Follower: Hi Ogefash, I always feel lonely; am I alone?

Think about it!

There would always be some help sent your way whether through friends, families, colleagues, and surprisingly, even your enemies. How can enemies help you may ask? At times your enemies, who are working against you, end up working things in your favor.

This applies to me also; I have been a full-time blogger for years with no revenue coming in, not from the blog or anyone. But then, I have been blogging. That help just suddenly comes my way for “data” to blog and for transport fare to drop proposals at companies. When I am deterred, I always remember those four words again “You are not alone!”


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