Ogefash Photoblog interview with Music Producer: “Markeeda Devoe”  “You can’t be a Music Producer if you don’t…” +I’m Single And Dating!


Sagittarius born music producer- Markeeda Devoe shares not only the same day and month with terrific rapper- Jay Z, but, she is also

talented like him. Markeeda was born on the 4th of December in the early 1980’s. She is not one of those pompous types. She is intelligent, creative and gets along well with people. She is accommodating, driven and passionate about music. The focused producer is one that channels her energy and hard work into music production to make sure artistes hit it big one-time. Her excellence in music production can’t be overlooked. She is equally a DJ. Markeeda is currently the most sought after music producer in the country. Artistes can now hit it big time once they contact Markeeda on her “New Instagram page @grdfl; Email: qfldkgrd@gmail.com, Phone: 1-904-240-2955”


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In this interview, she shares with Ogefash Photo Blog more about her music career, family background, why she is single yet dating and what she is currently working on…Excerpts

OGEFASH: Can we meet you?

MARKEEDA: Yes, I’d love to.

OGEFASH: Do you have a nick name?

MARKEEDA: Yes I do!  You can call me Kee or Florida (Fld)

OGEFASH: Can you hint us on your background?

MARKEEDA: I was born and raised in North Florida, Jacksonville, United States. I come from part of a large, extended, DeVoe family who migrated from the Carolinas to Florida in the early 1900’s. I grew up in the historical street car suburban area called Lackawanna. Music has always been a part of my growing up. My grandma sang and played organ in the church. My parents always had music playing in the house. My mom collected CDs. When I got old enough to play my own stereo, I borrowed some of her “Prince, Michael Jackson and Run DMC” music, and would play and remix them like I wanted them to sound. I’d remix old songs with new and recorded them to tape.

OGEFASH: Education background?

MARKEEDA: I went to the public schools in Duval, county Florida. I attended Ruth N. Upson Elementary School. All of my schools had music programs. I played Clarinet in the school orchestra in middle school. I also took chorus one year at Lakeshore. My concert band teacher played instruments for James Brown backup band. I was in the marching band for a short time at Lee High in 1998.

 OGEFASH: How religious is your family?

MARKEEDA: I actually grew up in a Christian home; but, I have my own belief now. I grew up Baptist Christian but I am more into Rastafarian way of life now. I am trying to live more natural. But I still read my bible though.

 OGEFASH: At what stage in life did you discover your music talent?

MARKEEDA: I discovered my talent as a kid during music programs in my school. I’ve been playing instruments since I was 12. I play Clarinet and percussion. I’ve been playing professionally for about 3 years. I started recording in 2017.

OGEFASH: As a music producer, how do you draw inspiration to produce beat?

MARKEEDA: I play with different sounds until I come up with a good melody pattern. I listen to different types of songs on the regular.

OGEFASH: What makes your beat unique from others?

MARKEEDA: I think I have a knack for electrical sounding music reminiscent of the 80s and early 90’s. I also infuse some rock sounds. I call my style “Funky Rock”.

OGEFASH: Which big artiste out there would you want to work with?

MARKEEDA: That’s a tough one! Lol! I’d actually like to work with one of my favorite rappers, Common.

OGEFASH: What are you currently working on?

MARKEEDA: I’m working on my “High Frequencies” Long Play (LP). I have 6 radio singles out now. My latest single is called “Milky Spray.”

OGEFASH: What skills should a music producer have?

MARKEEDA: A music producer should have love for music of any kind.

OGEFASH: What equipment should always be found at a music producer’s zone?

MARKEEDA: A good PC/Laptop and speakers.

OGEFASH: What do you think is needed to be done to improve music production in America and all over the world?

MARKEEDA: I think a genuine love for good music and the willingness to work with different kinds of people. In this way, more knowledge can be shared.


OGEFASH: Role models?

MARKEEDA: My role models are the Hip Hop artists that came before me. I look up to them for inspiration. I  like Tyrone Clark. He is a friend and mentor that I can go to for advice about my career. Tyrone advises me on my career path, what to look out for and who to look out for in life.

OGEFASH:  Mentors?

MARKEEDA: My mentors are the people I grew up with and those around my community. I see and talk with them every other day.

OGEFASH: Inspiration?

MARKEEDA: I came up with a lot of inspiration for doing music again fro HipHop; especially from watching, listening and learning from different black native tribes around the world and in Africa. I realized that we all have the love for music, different arts, story-telling and family life; all these inspire me.

OGEFASH: Single guys always want to mingle with single ladies, so are you matched or unmatched?

MARKEEDA: I’m single and dating.

OGEFASH: Lol! Can you elaborate?

MARKEEDA: I am not officially taken. I have taken a break from dating. It has been so hard for me lately to find somebody that has the same drive, passions and interests.

OGEFASH: What’s the craziest thing you have ever done?

MARKEEDA: Too many things; lol!

OGEFASH: What are your hobbies?

MARKEEDA: My hobbies are making music, driving cars and playing sports. I like to play basketball as well. I also do street writing/graffiti for hobby. I love to draw and write.

OGEFASH: What food/drink can’t you joke with?

MARKEEDA: I don’t like liver! Lol. I’ll drink pretty much anything though. My favourite drink is Shlitz Malt liquor. I am from the hood. I like to drink beer with good food. I am not an alcoholic though. I love Lasagna. I like to eat pasta

OGEFASH: What’s your favourite place?

MARKEEDA: The beach; any beautiful beach.


OGEFASH:  Markeeda in 5 years?

MARKEEDA: Topping the charts; hopefully!

OGEFASH: Who are you currently listening to?

MARKEEDA: A lot of James Brown.

OGEFASH: What’s that one thing people don’t know about you?

MARKEEDA: I got a few loose screws. Lol! As in I lose my temper real bad when upset or angry.

OGEFASH: If you were president for one day, what would you do differently?

MARKEEDA: Keep my word!

OGEFASH: How do people contact you?

MARKEEDA: Instagram: @grdfl1, Email: qfldkgrd@gmail.com, Phone: 1-904-240-2955   http://grdlifetru.wordpress.com/


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