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Please, I really need

to ask this question. Is the minister of information and culture~ Lai Mohammed from this Earth planet? Or some other planet like Mercury, Pluto, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Lai Mohammed Planet.

Because, I really can’t understand why a man of his calibre would come out to say that no Nigerian, as in, the over 190 millions of citizens are not hungry.

Just how did he arrive at that conclusion when millions of people are starving. Even before the lockdown, millions of people dey starve, not to talk of this quarantine period.

The minister of information should please leave his comfort zone to really see how people are starving and suffering.

Ehen, I learnt the minister.said 100 billion has been sent to poor Nigerians; hmmm, awon audio money. Which genuine poor person would receive money from the government and not shout to the world even before shouting to the lord.

Besides, how did they know poor people’s bank details? Or does the BVN make them know who is rich and who is not? Oga o!
Lai Mohammed, now I know why people call you Lai Lie Mohammed!

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