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Hmm, I have even be sneezing and coughing for a while now, and these are symptoms of CV as in coronavirus; don’t worry sha, I don’t have CV, well I pray so.

Ehen, to the main gist…

So, since the coronavirus broke out, the only people that have been getting infected of the disease are celebrities, politians; mostly the rich people and I am wondering why…

Because, going by the listed factors that spread the disease, I should think the average income earners and the poor in particular are more vulnerable to this virus than others. Why you may ask? View below…

When you talk about social distancing, it is hard for the poor/average income earners to abide by this. Some of them don’t have savings; survival is based on what they see daily, weekly or monthly. Hence, you still find them outdoor finding means of survival.

But for the rich ones, of course you know na, social distancing is their name, trust me. These rich people (Most) hardly associate with people, you would hardly find them in large gatherings, except in meetings and their company gatherings. These rich people stay in their comfort zones and call shots. From their comfort zones, they give instructions to average income earners plus low income earners on what to do and where to go to; so at the end, you find out that the latter go out often.

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So I am asking again, how come the rich people are the most affected ever since coronavirus broke out?

Because to me, it is beginning to look like there are two types of coronavirus; the general one and the ones the celebrities/politicians and other rich people have, which is becoming like “celebrated virus” rather than “coronavirus”

Come to think of it, none of the infected celebrities, politicians are even sharing symptoms just like rapper- Cardi B had said. But they are quick to post “Hello fans, I tested positive to Coronavirus. “

How that one take help na without sharing the symptoms?


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