From the look of things, it seems like Yvonne Jegede may not have gotten over her feelings

for her actor former husband- Olakunle Fawole aka abounce.

The now single mother who has a son- Xavier for the actor is always in the news either for exposing her body or throwing a jab at her former husband.

If you are a fan of the @ actress, you would agree with me that Yvonne’s posts on Instagram or her other social media handles are one way or the other directed at her former husband- Abounce.

She recently replied a troll savagely. The troll told her that she left her husband’s house so she could be exposing her body to the world.

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But Yvonne replied that she left him because he was a loser just like the troll. Although she did not include shut up, but from the reply, she may as well have omitted it. What y’all think?

View her Instagram posts below

View some of her posts done to get the attention of the husband

1. My son- Xavier and I don’t need anyone else.

2. I left my husband because he is in the category of bunch of losers

3. My former husband was afraid of my success

4. I don’t want him back.

If you can recall, Yvonne and husband- Fawole divorced last year over infidelity issues. It appeared that the couple were committing adultery. Fawole according to reports was having an affair with another Nollywood actress- Bimbo Akintola while Yvonne was also having an affair with another man.

This made Fawole not trust the baby Yvonne had for him until a DNA test was done which showed that he is Xavier’s father.

I am like “Nawa o, nawa for this celebrity people lifestyle!”

If you ask me, I would say two things are common with these celebrities; immorality and divorce.

Here's my view

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