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LMFAO! On a certain day, I stepped out of my house and boarded a commercial bus well known as Danfo. You need to listen to this war of words between a male driver and a female passenger.

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Ah ah, they just kept on throwing insults at each other like the “insults” were glued to their tongues. The passengers had a great laugh at them, and to be honest, I also joined. Kikikiki…

Listen to the Bus fight below …

That woman’s “gbagaun” self as in bad grammar “Oti wa frustration!”, choi, there is God o. Madam elenu ebu (As in, madam that likes to abuse), it is “Oti wa frustrated!”

Oti wa frustrated means someone is  frustrated!

People just like fighting anyhow and anywhere sha. That was how the other day, one conductor and passenger of the bus I boarded were threatening to beat each other black and blue. When they saw uniformed men; they mellowed out…Phew!


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