The Boss Bitch Or The Boss Witch? Which category do you belong?

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A Boss Bitch is a lady that is self-contained. She makes and takes her decisions as well as speaks her mind without minding whose ox is gored.


However, regardless of the power, she has to do and undo, she has still got some decorous and doesn’t speak or act unruly to her staff, except to the erring staff. She knows that she is a boss because she employed people to help her out with things she alone can’t do and understands that she needs to pay them for their services.

In essence, she is not a boss because she can pay salary, but because she employed helping hands to contribute their quota to the growth of her organisation.

She knows that the assiduous staff are the live wire of the business. She doesn’t use abusive words on them. She doesn’t curse her staff. She is not quick to condemn them. She accepts their limitations and appreciates their capabilities. She is generous and concerned about the welfare of her staff.

That’s the kind of Boss I wanna be! Ogefash the Boss Bitch!

A Boss Witch 

This is someone with an ugly character. She has no decorous and speaks and acts unruly to her staff. She is the opposite of a Boss Bitch. The Boss Witch thinks because she is paying her staff salary, she is doing such staff a favour. Meanwhile, you as the staff is the one doing the Boss Witch a favour. You are contributing your quota to help in the growth of her organization. She can’t do it all by herself, but she would tell you she can do it all by herself, and that your contribution is useless, and that she is just managing you.  That’s a big lie!

A Boss Witch would insult the staff, curse the staff, the family of the staff and even the unborn generation of the staff. Such a boss would always monitor you and complain about every step you take. A Boss Witch is never appreciative of whatever the staff does. Boss Witch is never pleased. She is very mannerless and thinks she can increase the number of working days of the staff from two to four days, three to six days etc. without any salary increment and without the staff’s objection.

I certainly don’t want to be Boss Witch!

You certainly shouldn’t work for a Boss Witch!

So which category do you belong to? The Boss Bitch or the Boss Witch!

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