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There is a rumour going round about

Nigerian OAP~ Tolu Oniru Demrun aka Toolz having issues in her marriage, and that her marriage to Tunde Demerun is about to collapse.

Since the rumour brokeout, the OAP has not debunked the rumour, she has been so mute and has been doing things that indicate that the rumour may be true.

For instance, she recentlty removed her husband’s surname from her Instagram page and replaced it with Chairman’s Mum . She also made a post saying that “Marriage is not for every one”

I am hoping that if they are truly having troubles in their marriage, that God gives them victory over the troubles.

If that marriage collapses, this may be a proof that some people especially public figures are not patient enough in marriage. They are not in it for the “Forever”, they go into it with the “temporary stay” mindset. They go in to taste and test the marrige briefly and also have one or two kids; once that happens, they take their leave.

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