By Oge Nwabueze.

Culled from the Novel “Chioma Hill’s Ghost” by Oge Nwabueze

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Valentine is here again and the atmosphere is that of love and the desire to be loved (you understand now). Whew! It is actually today, and I know ‘all my ladies’ out there would have probably shopped for that beautiful red dress or perhaps you are planning to buy yours today. Hmmmmm, ‘shop rite’ and have a budget so you don’t overspend o.

And for those that are still trying to fix what to wear for that special outing, you could just go on red with a touch of white or any other colour you feel comfortable on. You do not really have to be all too “reddish” just to show it is valentine. Like an on-air personality (Ajebo) said, ‘’No be say make you wear red all through and come look like tomato.’’ Lol!

What the OAP was trying to say is that you don’t necessarily have to make your clothes and accessories all red which I agree to. Like I said earlier, you could wear a red dress, but look for a different colour of bag and shoe; of course do not forget that you need that glittering accessory to compliment your outfit.

So to the question of the day, are you cruising with someone or you are cruising alone? Has your girlfriend/wife or ‘boyfriend/husband’ in particular suddenly gone off on you a few minutes to valentine? Common, you don’t have to brood over it all day. You know you can still make your day so lovely. You can still celebrate your valentine with people. It doesn’t necessarily have to be with only those you know or your loved ones alone; you could go show love to people in the orphanages or places where they have been denied love; just put a smile on someone’s face!

Although, ‘Valentine’ has overtime been taken to mean a day set aside to appreciate the people you care about the most or loved ones; but it really goes beyond that.

I remember, while I was serving in the North, Kano precisely, on valentine’s day, I took a certain amount of money, split into different denominations, and  gave out to those children around me. Guess what, the experience was thrilling. They were mega-excited!

So this valentine, have fun and do something different from your routine.

And for those still desperate to find a valentine partner today, oya close your eyes; are they closed? Don’t worry, before you open them there would be a suuuuuuuuurprise gift from that Romeo or Juliet; just believe sha.

And if after you opened your eyes, there are no surprises;  just take yourself out jor. Make yourself feel special too.

And if you just had a recent break-up and you feel extremely lonely- gbagbe osi jor (Forget rubbish), rise up and give yourself a nice treat too. Be happy; who knows, something good might come out of the treat you gave yourself. Who knows, there may be a new person perfectly made for you around the corner…

For me I am outdoor; ain’t wearing anything red, the only red item around me is my Lipstick to give y’all kisses for always stopping by @Ogefash Blog to read our juicy contents. We love U#Always!

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