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By Oge Nwabueze.

Culled from the Novel “Chioma Hill’s Ghost” by Oge Nwabueze

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Tonia was so certain that her valentine would be so lit. Why won’t it be anyway? “Tonia thought to herself.”  Tonia felt since Sam has been calling and pestering her for weeks leading to months and a year for a relationship, he would bombard her with gifts this valentine. Meanwhile, Tonia has been forming hard to get or perhaps, she has been turning Sam down because she is scared of heartbreak; which she felt was typical of men anyway.

No day ever went by without Sam’s calls coming through her phone. He was a regular caller; day, afternoon and night.

So Tonia felt today being Valentine’s day, lover’s day, the day to show love to one’s significant other or to show love generally, she would not only get calls from Sam but gifts from him as well. She was so certain that if she didn’t get gifts from people; she would certainly get from Sam.

So a day before Valentine, Tonia had prepped herself for Valentine outing with Sam. She had emptied her savings to give herself a stunning look ahead of the February 14th Valentine celebration.  She made her hair; she actually bought a new weavon for the first time in two years as she had been using her old weavons, she fixed and painted her nails, she bought new under garments, perfumes and even bought new shoes, bags  and clothes; everything was new. She was all gaga about the lover’s celebration and went on telling people how Valentine would be so so sweet for her.

At the break of dawn, she sent Sam a love message regardless of the fact that she was yet to say yes to his proposal. She anxiously waited for Sam’s call; no call came through, and when her phone finally rang, she jumped and picked her phone at the first ring expecting it to be Sam but it wasn’t.  It was unusual for Sam not to have called her by that particular hour of the day. She waited till 10 am and still heard nothing from him. She waited till 12pm and still heard nothing from him. She wondered why he was yet to call her if he truly claimed to love her. When it was 2pm and she still didn’t hear anything from him, she decided to give him a call.

Tonia did give Sam a call but he did not pick, after some time, his number was switched off.  Tonia was gloomy and all her expectations for the day started crumbling. A knock came on the door and she felt it was Sam giving her a surprise visit. But when she went to get the door; it was just a neighbor. She sat back wondering why Sam suddenly went off on her on a special day like this. Perhaps he was paying her back for refusing his proposal; she felt.

But Tonia couldn’t just let all her preparations for the day go down the drain. She made up her mind to give herself a treat if Sam decided to go sly on her. In a few minutes time, Tonia was already fully clothed with beautiful accessories that complemented her dress. She soon zoomed off to the fun place.

With or without Sam she gave herself a Valentine treat!

For Tonia, she just erased Sam’s name from the contender’s list of the men she was considering. I mean he just had to be so bitchy when she thought of saying yes to him today!

The story continues…. Look out for #Chioma Hill’s ghost by Oge Nwabueze.

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  • Valentine is the best time to know if that your “one and only” is generous or stingy; it is not by frequent calls you know…
  • This valentine, give yourself that nice treat if there is really no girlfriend or boyfriend to spend the day with!
  • This valentine, give yourself a nice treat if that girl or “guy” in particular suddenly goes bitchy on you!


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