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Psalm 63: 18
A God chaser is a person whose passion for God’s presence presses him to chase the impossible in the hope that the uncatchable might catch him.

Examples of God chasers Enoch, Moses, Jacob, Ezra, Daniel, David and Paul. They were not chasing after God because of what they wanted for themselves alone, but wholeheartedly believed God (John 6: 65-69). They acknowledged their emptiness and nothingness without God (John 15:5).

If you are chasing after God, you must understand His spiritual location.

God’s manifest presence is only for those who diligently chase after him. God would be found in the place of praise, prayer, fasting; those who strive for holiness.

Ultimately, the lord would be found in His WORD (John 5:39; Ezra 7: 10; Psalm 34:4).

Culled from RCCG Students Sunday School Manual, pg 17-18.

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