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Now, to our erotic Saturday… Trust me when I say that this column would

arouse that sexual desire that you did not know exist in you. It would get your erotic juice (ouch!) flowing. The contents would be so arousing that you won’t be able to take your eyes off the article till you have read up to the last word.

Don’t be scared or shy to share your erotic story with us here via whatsapp+2348087261006 or; we promise not to reveal your name if you don’t want.

Mind you, this column is in no way encouraging promiscuity, but rather building other people’s erotic life via other people’s story. It features foreplay and sex. So, pick the ones you can apply to make your erotic life more fun and leave out those ones you feel are not just it for you.

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Like I said earlier, we are not encouraging promiscuity. Please be faithful to your partners. Boys, girls, men, women, try and stay virgin till marriage. I have my own sweetbitter experience. Abstinence still pays; if you genuinely can’t hold body, use a Condom.

Note, these sexual freaks have STDs!

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