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I don’t know about other people o, but to me o, this movie is a goal; as in it is flawless. Odi (it is) very interesting. I couldn’t help but notice this child actor –Andy (Acted by Gabriel Bateman). He was of exceptional performance. Ah-ah! (I actually just exclaimed that)  Na who be this teen actor. His perfect interpretation of his role in this movie made me search for him on #Google. So I searched google to check more on Andy, and this was what I found out.

  • I actually have one of the movies he featured in already on this blog. View here-
  • According to Wikipedia, Gabriel Bateman is an American actor born in 2004. He has starred in other horror movies like Annabelle and Light out.

He was the major hero in the movie “Child’s Play” and in all honesty, he did justice to the role given to him. I would even say all the kids in the movie acted better than the adults in the movie. Yop!


The 2019 version of the horror movie- Child’s Play is a remake of the 1988 Child’s play.  The 2019 Child’s play movie was written by Tyler Burton Smith, produced by David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame, and directed by Lars Klevberg. Whereas, the 1988 version was directed and co-written by Tom Holland and produced by David Kirschner based on a story by Don Mancini. In other words, there was not only a change in cast but also a change in crew.

So which of the child play’s movie did you enjoy more? Which one is more horror? Which one is more interesting? Which of them was able to glue you to your seat? 1988’S or the 2019’S Child’s play version? SAY IT LOUD!

For me o, as a horror junkie, this 2019 version ko (is not) horror rara (at all). The only part where there was blood spatter and gruesome killing were the scenes were Shane (Acted by David Lewis) and Gabe (Acted by Trent Redekop) were killed, that of Doreen (Acted by Carlease Burke) wasn’t gruesome like that. Infact, I feel that scene wasn’t even realistic. I mean if Chucky wasted time in killing her in that crashed vehicle, then she could have gotten help from passers by. But how come there were no passers by in that area? For christ sake it is not a close; I know some would argue it was already late. So how late was it?

If you ask me, I feel the horror movie – “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2” the children were watching on television was more horror than this Child’s play.


 So what is 2019 Child’s Play really about

The movie child’s play tells the story of a mother- Karen Barclay (Acted by Aubrey Plaza) who gifted her son- Andy Barclay (Acted by Gabriel Bateman) with a high-tech Buddi doll that was returned to the mall she works in by a disappointed customer (Acted by Hannah Drew).

The customer had returned the doll because its eyes did not only flicker red but the doll also acted weird. Karen did not take serious the complains of the customer because she was gleefully anxious to take the doll home and then gift it to her 13 year old teen boy- Andy who has always been obsessed about the Buddi doll.

The high-tech Buddi doll now in the hands of Andy, named itself Chucky and had a special kind of liking for Andy in such a way that the doll did not want any other person to be friends /buddy with Andy except itself. It imprinted on Andy.

However, the doll- Chucky was beyond messed up, it was a murderer, as it ended up murdering lots of people associated with Andy and when Andy showed disinterest in still being its buddy for its violent acts, it decided to kill Andy and his mother- Karen.


Wow! What a wowi movie….

So, as I watched this movie, I just said, people in the  country I live in would say, “Andy’s mother- Karen, just used her hands to buy discarded trouble. Trouble was returned and staying on its own and was to be discarded, but she decided to buy it for free; aiye mi o ni baje…(My life will not spoil) #Winks”

Ehen, bia nu (come) beautiful readers, it’s ya turn, so what ya really think about this movie? To me I feel despite the fact that Chucky’s safety protocols were removed by the programmer (Acted by Phoenix Ly), if its owners and those surrounded by it had asked him to do and say good words, it would have done exactly that. Chucky basically picked up his gruesome acts from what he was exposed to. The teens  were naughty and they all displayed juvenile delinquency; their utterances and actions had violence tone and that triggered the doll’s violent actions. What ya think?

Picture this

The scene where Omar  (@25 minutes 36 seconds) told it to stab the toy horse repeatedly and say “This is for 2pac” (By the way, I am wondering why those words. Why my “2pac? ” They should biko (Please) let my favourite rapper rest in peace o). Ehen, moving on, so can you imagine a teen making such utterance.

They were using Chucky for wrong doings; it was freaking people out for them, taking snacks and so on for them. They used it for wrong acts, so they thought the toy; they were just not expecting it to go a-wire when it decided to start killing. But wait, why wont Chucky kill when the doll saw the teens watching horror  movie with so much excitement. So to it, that was the kind of fun the children want to see. In essence, the violent scenes the teens watched on screens along with Chucky triggered its violent moves. In essence, if those children were doing good and watching good movies, Chucky would have also probably copied their acts regardless.

But all in all, the movie is interesting, but it isn’t just among the movies I would call “extremely” horror. Again, I reiterate, there is a difference between the horror movie the teens were watching and this supposed horror movie- Child’s play.

However, the movie really caught my attention and kept me glued to the scene. I love the cinematography. I love the fact that one could tell the number of days, months, years,  that had passed before the next scene. There was  proper use of the day and night scenes. I also love the theme song “You are my buddi, until the end..”

Funny Dialogue

Omar: (@59 minutes 43 seconds of the movie) You deaf or something? Oh that’s right, you are’

I found the scene where Pugg said “Your sister is pretty hot” funny and when he said, “She is even hotter as mum”; so funny @ 24 minutes.

Costume wise

  • Just costume

Sound wise

  • Good


  • (@31 minutes of the movie, Andy disposed the body of the cat; so, was there no awful smell after he did that
  • @ 37 minutes 9 seconds of the movie, viewers got to know that Shane (Acted by David Lewis) actually has a family and I am wondering if Karen knew about it or she didn’t. Cause, there was really no scene that revealed that.
  • @ 39 minutes, where Omar (Acted by Marlon Kazadi) said “This is for 2pac” was it really necessary for the writer to have included. So, it was included, what was that particular scene trying to achieve
  • @ 37 minutes 58 seconds where Shane removed the Christmas light before his death. Was it really necessary for him to remove it, especially that night? So the way I am seeing it, if he had not tried removing the light, he would have not probably died. If you look at it very well, it was like he was not himself again and did not know what he was doing again after he left the Barclays house.
  • @49 minutes when Detective Norris and Detective Willis (Acted by Brian Tyree Henry and Nicole Anthony) were investigating Shane’s death, one of the questions that should have popped out from their mouth was if she knew Shane was married. Infact I think their dialogue was muted.
  • @ 1 hour 5 minutes; I don’t understand oh, was there nobody on the streets when Chucky was slowly killing Doreen (Acted by Carlease Burke). She was stuck in that car for a while but there was no one to help till Chucky entered her car an then finished her off.
  • Why the Kaslan programmer (Acted by Phoenix Ly) threw himself off the roof after inserting a nasty chip on the doll.
  • There was a particular scene we saw a picture of Andy with his Dad and Mum, so what really happened to Andy’s dad? Did he die or something, we were not told.
  • After watching the electricians scene- Gabe (Acted by Trent Redekop), I am wondering if we should be very watchful around our electricians; I mean he was also a voyeur.
  • Now at the 2 minutes 47 seconds of the movie, a supervisor I want to believe slapped one of the programmers in the factory. We don’t know why he smacked him as he spake in Chinese and that scene was not translated. Then after he smacked him, he laughed; what was all that about.
  • Why did that cat hurt Andy like that @ the 20 minutes 57 seconds of the movie, I mean if the cat is wild, why then do they have it in their house. It is not safe to stay in that house…
  • First of all I did not like the fact that the teens felt that because Karen looked small like them, she shouldn’t be properly greeted @24 minutes 43 seconds
  • With this movie it is now glaring that children bond better when there is an atrocity than when a good thing is done.

Confusing scene(s): Nil

Overall rating for the Movie “Child’s Play”


  • STRUCTURE: Good Beginning, Good Middle, Good Ending
  • SOUND: Good
  • DIALOGUE: Good
  • CHARACTERS: Familiar faces and new faces
  • SHOTS: Bright shots
  • LOCATION: America
  • REMARK: If you are a real horror freak, this movie is not too horror, but it is indeed interesting to watch. Also I didn’t feel see vitality amongs the adult actors compared to the teens in the movie.
  • RATE: 6/10

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