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1 Corinthian 6: 15-20
Sexual immorality is a grievous sin that God hates. It is therefore alarming that it exists among members of the church (1 Corinthian 5: 1-2; Ephesians 5: 3).

Sexual immorality is any habit or act that contradicts God’s laid down plan, principle and practice concerning sexual behavior.

Adultery and fornication are forms of sexual immorality.
Other forms of sexual immorality are homosexuality, lesbianism, bestialism, incest, rape, masturbation, pornography, lustful desires and immoral thoughts.

Although all unrighteousness is sin but sexual immorality is considered grave and great sin before God. (Corinthians 3: 16-17)

Adultery and fornication are listed among the works of the flesh. Adultery is described as marital infidelity. It is any illicit sexual relationship between a married person and other persons apart from his or her spouse. It is among the ten commandments of God given to Isreal not to commit Adultery (Exodus 20:14). Polygamy and polyandry also constitute adultery.

Fornication is sexual immorality or intercourse between unmarried couples. Fornication has so gone viral among youths in the church like never before. The temptation to commit Fornication or Adultery is commom to all but you don’t have to fall for it (1 Corinthian 10:12-13)

Untamed lustful desire, covetousness, lack of contentment, separation, divorce, peer pressure, youthful lust, curiousity, unnecessarily prolonged courtship, undefined relationship, hardship and unforeseen circumstances.


Loss of dignity, exposure to and transfer of curse and affliction, exposure to deadly diseases, unwanted pregnancies, untimely death, external destruction and separation from God.

Have a consciousness of sin and fear of God, make a covenant with your flesh not to commit adultery and fornication, abstain from all resemblances of sexual immorality, run away as far as your legs can carry you; do not stay at the corridor of adultery and fornication hoping to resist it, get married as soon as you are mature to do so, married couples should strive to mutually satisfy each other in all things and guard against infiltration of strange women and men, always meditate in the word of God and depend on the strength of the Holy Spirit.

Runway from every appearance of evil; adultery as well as fornication kills (1 Thessalonians 5:22)

Culled from RCCG Sunday School- Students’ Manual pg 23-26

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