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I couldn’t help but notice the network stylishy advertising other products in this advert; talk about Carich and Igloo mouth wash. That is what you call “gbogbo advert ninu advert” (As in other adverts in one advert.)

Anyway, that’s by the way sha.

Meanwhile, what exactly is the title of this advert? Is it really, “You can manage anything, but not data?” Ya let me know via the comment box…thank

So moving on, you see this advert, “mu love e” (As in I love it). I must really give kudos to the creative mind behind this advert. I love the advert concept; it is a concept different from the usual advert concepts. You can relate the theme of this advert to what is happening in today’s world; talk about average earners as well as low income earners in particular who find a way to extremely manage their resources.

I really must commend the music composer; the song is melodic. It  drew my attention and got me interested in the adver.  I wish I knew the voice behind the song, I would have written it on this article. But if you have an idea, kindly share with us via the comment box…


Aye aye aye; aye ah

Eh eh eh; aye ah

Oh oh oh; aye ah

Why you come dey stress yourself o; aye ah

Everything yapa oh; aye ah, aye ah

Look around you, look around you. Plenty blessings, plenty package

Why you come still dey manage

Why you dey stress? Why you dey worry?

Aiye o le to ye (Life is not that hard like that)

You got everything you need


Lateef Adedimeji, Ngozi Nwosu, Idowu Philips (Aka Iya Rainbow)


In the first scene, Amaka’s mother while in the bathroom is seen trying to manage the small Igloo toothpaste left in the tube and the small Carich mouthwash left in the bottle, despite the fact that there is an unopened bottle of Carich mouthwash in front of her. Her daughter- Amaka enters the bathroom and tells her to use the new one, but she ignores her.


Next, Segun’s mother is also seen managing some items while in the kitchen. In a bid not to make the jollof rice she cooked waste, she empties the rice in the pot despite the fact that it’s burnt. She also manages salt and the palm oil, despite the fact there is a full bottle of palm oil in front of her. Both Segun and Amaka walk in on her; they are dazed when they see are trying to use fire to bring out the remaining palm oil in the amost empty-bottle.

Amaka returns from the market with more items such as IGLOO toothpaste, Carich Disinfectant, Batteries, Ginger, Garlic and palm oil for the house.



You can choose to manage everything else, but not your data. Get more out of life with the new Airtel data plan. Dial *141# now.

Data is life!

Airtel, the smartphone network


You can manage anything but not just Airtel data. This is because Airtel now has an interesting new plan that provides you enough data to surf the internet regardless the amount you want to buy. All you need do is just dial *141# to enjoy it. For instance, with 2000, 3000, 5000 you can get 44 GB, 8 GB and 15 GB respectively.


The music used in the advert has a way of leading the viewers into the advert properly. It can build viewers’ interest in the advert, like it built my interest in the advert.

If you have been following Airtel very well or if you are a loyal fan of the network, you would agree with me that they have been churning out very interesting and well written adverts, especially when it comes to the “Mother-in-law” series. I really must give kudos to the writer; the brain behind the “Mother-in-law” series. I sha hope they are paying the person well, because this is Ise opolo (As in brain work).

Moving on, this advert is self explanatory, the visual and the background song has made it simple for viewers to understand the advert. I feel the casts were all of exceptional performance in this particular advert, especially the mother in laws.

The advert has all the push-factor to convince people to really choose the network over others in terms of data. I mean, with the promised sufficient data that guarantees enough surfing of the internet; trust me, ‘viewers wont even think twice before switching to the network.

Interestingly, you can relate the advert theme to what is happening around the world today, especially in this part of the country. Average earners and low income earners manage their resources well not wanting their resources to finish. Even if they have exhausted them, they still do not want to thrash them, because they feel there is still that little content left in them.

Anyway, Regardless the sufficient data being given, Airtel still needs to work on their customer care, it is so terrible. As far as am concerned, I tagged their network as “Dead customer care service”. Customer care wey customers no fit reach them; shey that one na customer care? If I hear…

Lastly, I love the video, it complements the theme of the message. The visuals are clear. Also, concerning the narrators; there were two of them. Lateef Adedimeji was the first narrator, sorry, I don’t know the name of the second narrator.

So, to the users of AIRTEL NETWORK for calls and data purposes (most especially those using this new plan), kindly share with other readers via the comment box how true this promised data is and how fast it is for browsing. Do you usually have connectivity issues?


The way Amaka’s mother did her mouth though when she was forcing the paste out of the tube; that indeed made me laugh.

MUSIC: So lovely! A well composed song. The lyrics are well written and the song is melodious. The major instruments used in the song include drums, piano and percussion.

Costume: The costume complements the theme of the message. We can tell that they were all home and probably just waking up.


REMARK: A flawless advert


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