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Aubrey Plaza acted as Karen Barclay; Gabriel Bateman acted as Andy Barclay; Brian Tyree Henry acted as Detective Mike Norris; Mark Hamill acted as the voice of Chucky; Tim Matheson acted as Henry Kaslan (Henry Kaslan owns the company that manufactures Buddi Dolls); Marlon Kazadi acted as Omar; Beatrice Kitsos acted as Falyn; Ty Consiglio acted as Pugg; David Lewis acted as Shane; Trent Redekop acted as Gabe (The electrician who secretly placed CCTV in people’s apartments in other to watch them when their nude for his sexual pleasure- Voyeur/peeping tom); Carlease Burke acted as Doreen Norris; Nicole Anthony acted as Detective Willis (Detective Norris’s partner)

Ben Andrusco Daon acted as Ben (#Kid 1); Zahra Anderson acted as Ben’s Mom; Serge Jaswal acted as Ben’s Dad; Ariana Nica acted as Kid #2; Phoenix Ly acted as Chien (The programmer that removed all safety protocols for Buddi; Johnson Phan acted as supervisor at Kaslan Corporation; Eddie Flake acted as Angry customer; Hannah Drew acted as Disappointed Customer; Armo Majzoub acted as Wes (Warehouse Supervisor); Shane’s daughters (Amber and Emilie Taylor); Mark Hamill as the voice of Chucky

Screenplay by: Tyler Burton Smith

Editors: Tom Elkins, Julia Wong. Music: Bear McCreary. Music Supervisors: Rudy Chung and Jonathan Christiansen

Produced by: David Katzenberg, Seth Grahame

Executive producers- Aaron Schmidt, Chris Ferguson,

Directed by Lars Klevberg


Country: America

Year: 2019


For a Buddi toy-doll like Chucky; when around it, you have to be careful not to wish anyone to be infected with AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), else the toy Buddi would look for how to grant your wish and make sure that such person is infected with the disease. But in Chucky’s case, its instant judgment is brutal death for anyone that upsets its best friend or is too close to its best friend.


So the movie Child’s Play tells the story of a High-Tech Buddi Doll created by the founder of Kaslan Corporations- Mr. Henry Kaslan (Acted by Tim Matheson). This High-Tech doll has integrated advanced features that enables it assist its owners in various activities at home, office or wherever they put it.

However, when a particular disturbed employee Chien (Acted by Phoenix Ly) at Kaslan Corporations decides to remove all safety precautions from one of the High-Tech-Dolls, it suddenly starts causing disaster in homes. This particular doll with no safety precautions finds its way in the home of Barclays- Karen and Son- Andy (Acted by Aubrey Plaza and Gabriel Bateman) and named itself- Chucky (Mark Hamill acted as the voice of Chucky). Little did the Barclays know that the High-Tech Doll –Chucky already imprinted on Andy and it is willing to kill everyone around Andy so he can be his only Buddi (Best friend) in life and for life. Would Chucky’s mission be accomplished? Find out in the plot…


The founder of Kaslan Corporation- Henry Kaslan (Acted by Tim Matheson) is on air talking about the just launched High-Tech Doll named Buddi and its usefulness. Here is what Henry Kaslan has to say about Buddi…

“At Kaslan, we believe that happiness is about more in entertainment. It is about being known, understood, and loved; introducing your new best friend- Buddi. Buddi can switch on television for a family and sit and watch with them. Buddi can help you all over the house, he can connect you and control all of your Kaslan products and smart-home devices. He can be your personal DJ, (Advanced Third Party Connectivity, Integrated in Home Synergy, Intelligent Voice Recognition), help tidy up the house and control your entire smart hub system. Buddi uses advanced self learning technology to constantly find new ways to entertain you. He recognizes voice and repeats dialogue. Buddi adapts to your daily routine and finds ways to make life simple by connecting to a host of Kaslan services. When Buddi imprints on you, he becomes your best friend for life and sings song like “You are my Buddi.” Buddi is instilled with AI safeguard and ensures that your children would always be safe.

Meanwhile, a family of four- Dad, Mum, Daughter, Son (Ben) (Acted by Serge Jaswal, Zahra Anderson, Ariana Nica and Ben Andrusco Daon respectively) just acquired the Buddi High-Tech Doll and are excited about its advanced features. They make use of all its features with no difficulty. One of the kids- Ben (Acted by Ben Andrusco Daon) says to Buddi “Hi Buddi, I am Ben and I am fifteen years old.” Buddi recognizing Ben’s voice repeats his dialogue. Buddi also reminds Ben about your science book.

At Kaslan Factory, Vietman, while some factory workers are making the High-Tech Doll, some are packaging them. Meanwhile, a programmer- Chien (Acted by Phoenix Ly) at the factory is looking cheerless. His supervisor (Acted by Johnson Phan) is mad at him and smacks Chien hard and makes jest of him. Once his supervisor is out of sight, Chien in anger removes all safety protocols of one of the Buddi dolls and inserts a certain chip in it, making it a dangerous doll. Chien packs the now-dangerous doll among other good dolls. Some minutes later, Chien wind up dead.

The Buddi toy is sold at different stores, including Zed Mart where returns and exchanges of goods are allowed for effective customer service relation. A customer (Acted by Eddie Flake) heads to Zed Mart to buy Buddi, but he is angry that Buddi 2 has not been launched, so he reluctantly purchases the Buddi 1. The sales rep/retail clerk- Karen Barclay (Acted by Aubrey Plaza) tries to pacify him but he is not pacified as he is more interested in the Budi 2.

After the close of work, Karen Barclay (Acted by Aubrey Plaza) returns home late exhausted. She stumbles on Gabe (Acted by Trent Redekop), the electrician in the apartment she resides with her 13-Year-Old hearing impaired son- Andy (Acted by Gabriel Bateman). Gabe gives her a flirty look but Karen ignores him unknown to her that he is a voyeur and secretly placed CCTV in her apartment as well as others’ apartments in other to watch them when their nude for his sexual pleasure. Once indoor with her son, Karen is surprised that her son- Andy is yet to unpack the remaining boxes since they newly moved to the neighborhood. Karen is able to tell that Andy has been with his phone all day and has been obsessing about the Buddi app. Karen sights two teens outside and encourages Andy to make friends with them so he doesn’t feel too lonely. Andy goes outside but doesn’t interact with the teens, he instead looks for somewhere lonely and quiet to sit.

A female customer (Acted by Hannah Drew) returns Buddi to Zed Mart. She complains about Buddi’s eyes flickering red as well as the weirdness of the doll. In disappointment, she drops the toy and Karen refunds her money. Karen sees the return of the doll as an opportunity to give his son- Andy as gift, since if they return it to Kaslan Corporation it would probably be thrashed. On her way home, she meets with the Warehouse Supervisor-Wes (Acted by Armo Majzoub) and pleads with him that he should allow her have the returned toy so she can gift it to her 13-year old son on his birthday. Wes is forced to release the toy to Karen after she discloses his secret of having sex with one of the factory staff- Susan in the warehouse despite the fact that he is married.

Andy returns home from school and finds his mum-Karen kissing her boyfriend- Shane (Acted by David Lewis) whom he doesn’t really like. Karen tries to comport herself and explain to Andy the state in which he found them but he was not interested in her explanation. She offers to make Andy dinner, but he shows disinterest as he prefers to be outside the house whenever Shane is around.

Andy steps out and hangs around the corridor. Detective Mike Norris (Acted by Brian Tyree Henry) sights him and chats him up. Norris invites Andy to dine with him and his mother-Doreen Norris (Acted by Carlease Burke acted as Doreen Norris). Just then, Karen walks in on them and enquires from the Detective if Andy was into any trouble. The Detective jokingly tells Karen that Andy is being questioned for his involvement in drugs and other vices, but Karen was able to tell that it was a joke. Andy is reluctant to go back inside with Karen, but when he hears that Shane has gone and Karen has a surprise pre ~ birthday gift for him, he follows her. Karen gives Andy the gift, but when he unwraps it and finds the High~Tech~Doll~Buddi, he makes a sigh.

Karen is cheerless because Andy who has always been obsessed about the doll doesn’t suddenly like it anymore, but Andy explains to his mum that it is because he already outgrown the doll. However, when Andy notices his mum’s countenance, he tells her that he loves the gift. This brings a smile on Karen’s face.

Andy and Karen with the help of the manual activate the doll. Andy introduces himself to it while the doll names itself Chucky. Chucky imprints on Andy and asks if he is his best Buddi and Andy replies “I guess so”. When Chucky is unable to process most commands asked by Andy, Karen tells him to sync his knowledge base to the cord before connecting him to any other Kaslan product. Karen suggests returning the doll since it is messed up, but Andy objects to it and says he would keep it even though he feels the doll is also creepy

Andy shows Chucky his room and introduces him to their cat- Mickey Rooney. He shows Chucky his desk, sketch book as well as a family picture that has his real dad in it, but doesn’t say what happened to his dad. Andy is tired and just wants to retire to bed but Chucky is not. Chucky wants to sing the “Buddi” song for Andy first before he sleeps but Andy is too tired to listen to any song and shows disinterest. Regardless of Andy’s disinterest in hearing the song, Chucky goes ahead to sing for him “You are my Buddi until the end. More than a buddi, you are my best friend”

While Andy is sleeping, Chukky stares at him all night. When Andy abruptly wakes up and sees the doll staring, he is terrified. Chucky asks Andy if he is having fun and if it is time to play, but Andy replies the doll that it is sleeping time. He implores Chucky to close his eyes and be less creepy. Chucky tells Andy that he is his best friend, but Andy tells him to stop being weird. Chucky again starts singing the “Buddi” song. Andy tries to quiet the doll that is not ready to be mute as he goes on singing the “Buddi” song “You are my Buddi until the end. More than a buddi, you are my best friend. I love you more than you would ever know. I will never let you go.” Seeing the doll’s refusal to listen to him, Andy uses the pillow to block his ears.

The next morning while Andy prepares for school, Buddi follows him all through and watches him do various activities like brush his teeth, pack his food and so on. As Andy is about to step out, Chucky brings tissue paper for him and calls it science book, but Andy lets the doll know that it is not a science book.

Andy returns from school and finds Chucky waiting for him at the entrance. Chucky gives Andy a broken stick as present. Meanwhile, Karen is sleeping on Shane’s legs in the sitting room. When Shane sights Andy, he tells him to be mute in order not to wake his mum up; Andy replies Shane with an irritating look and then walks out of the door with Chucky.

While outdoor with Chucky, Andy tells the doll that Shane is not nice and that he is an ass-hole. Andy tells Chucky that Shane would end up leaving them like everybody else. But Chucky promises to never leave him and this makes Andy happy. Chucky asks Andy its usual question “Are we having fun” and he replies yes.

While playing a board game with Chucky, one of the items from the game falls beside the cat- Rooney. Andy while trying to retrieve it gets stung by Rooney and this makes him bleed profusely. Andy goes to look for bandage only to return to find Chucky trying to strangle the unfriendly cat for hurting him.

Andy saves Mickey Rooney from Chucky and asks why he was hurting the cat. Chucky says it is because the cat was hurting him and making him unhappy. Andy tells the doll never to hurt people or cat or say weird things or freak out people. Shane enters into Andy’s room with the cat and tells Andy that it was freaked out. Andy immediately thinks of freaking out Shane away from their lives with his doll- Chucky.

Andy while teaching Chucky the best way to freak out Shane at the corridor is joined by two teens- Falyn and Pugg (Acted by Beatrice Kitsos and Ty Consiglio). When Chucky is able to repeat Pugg’s (Acted by Ty Consiglio) dialogue, the two teens immediately fall in love with the doll. Andy tells his new friends that he is teaching the doll the best way to freak out his mum’s boyfriend- Shane so that he leaves their lives. And suddenly think it is a bad idea, but his new friends- Falyn and Pugg say it is not a bad idea and push him to carry on with his plan. They join hands with him and teach Chucky how to freak out Shane.

Andy, Falyn and Pugg watch on their phone how Chucky is able to successfully freak out Shane and they all make jest of Shane. The trio starts bonding right from that moment.

The next day, Andy’s new friends- Falyn and Pugg, call him out for school. Pugg mistakes Andy’s mum- Karen for his sister and tells Andy that she is hot but Andy lets him know immediately that Karen is his mother and not sister. Pugg is surprised and says Karen is even hotter as a mum. Meanwhile, Karen is happy that Andy has finally made new friends.

The trio, Andy, Falyn and Pugg tell Chucky to remove the snack of the building electrician- Gabe (Acted by Trent Redekop) from his box which the doll does.

Andy and friends take Chucky to school. The other teens in his school are so excited about the doll especially Omar (Acted by Marlon Kazadi) and want the doll to do their commands. Omar wants to record a video with Chucky and make it go viral. He commands Chucky to stab a toy horse and say “This is for 2pac” but Chucky doesn’t process his command or any of the teen’s command. Instead, it opts to sing the “Buddi song”. The teens ask him not to sing but do as they have commanded it. Andy walks up to them and takes Chucky away from their midst.

As detective Norris passes by, the children make jest of him. Pugg utters some words “Knuckle it, shut up shut up” and this is reiterated by Chucky. The Detective however shuns their tantrums.

One night, the trio- Andy, Falyn and Pugg watch a horror movie titled “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2” with so much excitement. Chucky feels the children derive joy in seeing people being slaughtered brutally, so he attempts to practice all it has been watching on the screen. So, the doll quietly enters the kitchen, retrieves a knife from a rack of knives and aims it at Pugg. Andy is able to stop it but he ends up being stabbed in the hand by Chucky. Chucky thinks the children would be excited about his action, but they are not. Chucky apologies to Andy but Andy decides to stay away from him for that night.

While Shane and Karen are together, Karen offers him some nugget but he says he is not hungry and opts for a beer. Shane doesn’t really look happy. While grabbing a beer from the fridge, Chucky shows up and freaks him out. The doll replays the words of Andy about him the other day “He is such an asshole, Shane is such an asshole”, and this infuriates him. Karen scolds Andy for making Chucky say swear words about Shane and seizes the doll. Karen tells Andy that Chucky is always freaking out her boyfriend- Shane and the cat- Rooney. She forbids Andy from using the toy all day and gives him only one hour with the toy. Karen afterwards locks the toy in the closet.

Andy wakes up in the middle of the night to the constant thumping of the closet by Chucky.

Andy returns home from school the next day to find out that Chucky has broken out of the closet and has killed the cat- Rooney. This frightens Andy. He is suddenly motionless and stares at Chucky as it replays his voice “I am sick and tired of this cat.” In tears, Andy disposes Rooney’s body in the garbage.

In the evening, Karen asks about the whereabouts of Rooney and Andy replies that the cat probably got out when he opened the door. Karen searches for Rooney but doesn’t find traces of the cat.

In the middle of the night, Andy wakes up to the sound of Rooney’s cry only to find out that it is Chucky replaying it. Andy returns to bed frightened.

Andy returns from school and finds Chucky sitting quietly on the table. He is still terrified by the brutal killing of Rooney by Chucky. Andy doesn’t know what to expect of the doll again, so he just stays motionless, with a bewildered look on his face. In his perplexed state, his mum steps out from the room with Shane. Andy feeling more disoriented just walks out of the room. Shane isn’t really happy that anytime he is around, Andy walks out of the room, but Karen says it is not true. Karen moves to Chucky stares at it and asks the same question Chucky always asks “Are you my best buddi” but Chucky decides to stay mute. As Karen leaves the room, Chucky’s eyes flicker blue.

While Shane is peeing, Chucky again finds a way to freak him out. Shane in anger grabs the doll and takes it to Andy’s room where he throws it at him. He dares Andy to face him man to man rather than use his doll to attack him. Shane leaves the room and in anger Andy voices out his hatred for Shane wishing he goes away and leaves him and his mummy alone. His words again get registered in Chucky’s mind. Its eyes flicker red at what it is about to do next.

Both Shane and Karen argue about the way Shane scolded Andy for being rude, but Karen feels it was too much. Detective Norris stumbles on the duo as they argue. He greets them with a nod but gets no reply.

Shane returns to his family unaware that Chucky trailed him, bringing to the fore that he has a family and has been having an extra marital affair with Karen without his wife’s knowledge. His daughters (Acted byAmber Taylor and and Emilie Taylor) run to welcome him. Minutes later; he grabs a ladder to remove the Christmas light and Chucky finds a way to kill him. Chucky breaks his leg first before using the tiller machine used for tillering the soil to kill him. In the process of doing that, his face was removed. After killing Shane, Chucky says “No one hurts his best buddi” and then stabs him repeatedly, now reiterating Omar’s words “This is for 2pac”

The Detectives- Detective Norris and partner- Detective Willis (Acted by Nicole Anthony) are carrying out investigation concerning Shane’s death where they discover he was stabbed 13 times. Detective Norris scans through his ID card and immediately recognizes Shane as Karen’s boyfriend.

The next day, Andy wakes up to prepare for school. He is motionless and horrified as he sights Shane’s skinned face on his table. Andy is filled with fear and uncontrolled tears seeing another violent killing done by Chucky. Chucky replays Andy’s voice where he says he wants Shane to leave his family. Chucky asks Andy if he wants to play again, but Andy grabs the doll and locks it in his closet. He quickly calls his friends Pugg and Falyn for help. Seeing Shane’s skinned face makes Pugg puke. Andy suggests that they report the case to the police but Falyn (Acted by Beatrice Kitsos) suggests that they hide the evidence from the police. The trio wraps Shane’s skinned face and head out of the room to thrash in the garbage. On their way out, they stumble on Karen. Karen is surprised to find Andy at home as he ought to be in school. She asks why he is not in school and Andy replies that he has Diarrhea. Karen asks about the gift in his hand and he lies that he wants to give it to Detective Norris’s mum- Doreen Norris (Acted by Carlease Burke) because she always help him out with his assignment. Karen volunteers herself to go with him to deliver the gift to Doreen but Andy is uncomfortable about this.

Both Karen and Andy head to Doreen’s house to deliver the gift to her. Karen thanks her for always helping her son out with his homework, but the elderly woman is lost as she has no idea what both mother and son are talking about as she has never helped Andy with any homework. Figuring that Andy is being untruthful, she decides to play along giving him a questioning look. Andy already understands that look. Karen is anxious to know what the gift is because of Andy’s unsettled behavior. But Andy immediately pleads with Doreen not to open the gift till his birthday in order for the women not to see the gory gift. This would also give Andy ample time to retrieve the gift back from the woman before she ever thinks of opening it.

Andy tells his teen friends- Pugg and Falyn that he would retrieve the gift from Doreen before she opens it. After the close of school, the trio returns to the house where they plan on destroying Chucky. Andy frees Chucky from his closet pretending to want to play with him. As Andy leads him to his room, both Pugg and Flyn attack him. Chukky sings the buddi song “You are my Buddi, until the end” which makes Andy who already is disconnecting the doll go emotional and stop what he is doing. But Pugg and Falyn, push him away and quickly destroy Chucky themselves. They dispose Chucky in the garbage and agree not to tell anyone about what happened.

The electrician Gabe picks up Chucky from the garbage and fixes it up.

Detective Norris and Partner- Detective Willis are at Karen’s place investigating the murder of Shane. Andy walks in on them but Detective Norris tries to make him think that everything is alright. Meanwhile, both Karen and Andy console each other.

Andy goes over to Detective Norris’s house in pretence to dine with them. Andy teaches Doreen how to use the Kaslan app. As soon as both Detective Norris and his mother are out of sight, he grabs the gift and runs out of the house to dispose it.

While building electrician- Gabe is fixing Chucky up in the basement, Chucky is able to see all that is happening at the Norris apartment because Gabe put CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) in each tenant’s apartment, including that of the Barclays. The electrician watches all their nudity, sexual activities and their movements for his sexual pleasure. As soon as he is done fixing Chucky up, Chucky kills him with the table saw.

Andy finds out that his friend- Omar now has a Buddi doll with similar name to Chucky. Andy walks back into his room frightened as he sights the doll.

The Detectives go to the Gabe’s room to investigate his death.

Andy and friends are at Zed Mart when Chucky reveals its true self to Andy. It tells Andy that if he can’t have Andy, then nobody would. This makes him realize that Omar’s Buddi doll is actually not a new doll, but his own violent doll- Chucky which he already disconnected and destroyed. Chucky replays Andy’s dialogues and even goes as far as revealing some clips on all screens in the mall. Andy tries to forcefully stop Chucky by destroying it again, but the new owner of the Buddi doll- Omar, attacks him for trying to ruin his doll. They both get into a fight and in the process his hearing aid removes while Omar’s phone falls off. The teens are separated by others in the mall. Andy tries to explain to Omar what is happening concerning the doll, but neither Omar nor other people believe him.

Karen quickly checks on Andy to see if he is okay. She notices his hearing aid is not with him, so Andy goes to retrieve it where he had a fight with Omar. He also picks up Omar’s phone.

While playing games with friends, Omar calls Andy a freak, while Pugg says he and Andy are no longer friends after he pushed him hard during his fight with Omar..

Chucky kills Doreen in a controlled car crash saying nobody steals his friend. As he claims ownership of Andy, Doreen insults it.

Andy tells his mum- Karen that Chucky is responsible for Rooney’s death and it is planning to kill Doreen as well, oblivious that it has already killed Doreen. He also tells Karen that the doll- Chucky wants to kill them but his mum thinks he is crazy to think that a toy can do that. She sees him with Omar’s phone and returns it to him. Trying to study his son and be sure he is okay, she takes Andy to her next shift at Zed Mart.

Detective Norris finds his mum’s stabbed body and is filled with tears

Andy while alone in the room is tormented by Chucky. The doll shows Andy visuals of Omar, Pugg and Falyn together. Omar calls him a freak while Pugg is still upset with him for hitting him during the fight with Omar. Pugg thinks Andy is a psycho. He also thinks Andy made up all those stories of the doll killing those people when he is probably the real culprit. In anger, Andy destroys most electronics in the house in a bid to destroy Chucky and the memories he is creating. Karen walks in and sees the whole sitting room messed up by Andy and this scares her as she fears that her son- Andy has fully gone berserk.

Lots of people are gathered at Zed Mart for the launching of the highly anticipated doll- Buddi 2. Meanwhile, Chucky is already there too, waiting to destroy things and people.

Both Pugg and Flyn now believe Andy, they look for Omar the new owner of Chucky and use his phone to trace where Chucky is. While using Omar’s phone, they are able to tell that Chucky is responsible for Doreen’s death and that it is planning to kill Andy and his mother- Karen, so they all rush to Zed Mart.

It is revealed to Detective Norris that the content in the wrapped gift dumped by Andy is Shane’s face. This makes Detective Norris think Andy is behind all the recent killing including that of his mum- Doreen. He immediately heads to the mall to apprehend Andy.

Meanwhile Chucky has already taken over Zed Mart. He kills Wes and afterwards activates the lockdown button for the mall. It turns off all light, controls all technology in the mall and then kills lot of people. Karen saves Detective Norris when Chucky aims for his life. Chucky manipulate the technology. When the doll aims for Pugg’s life, Norris saves Pugg which leaves him with injury. Chucky manipulates the other toys there and they all start causing havoc. The crowd is able to exit the hall. When it is the turn of Andy, Pugg and Falyn to leave the mall, Chucky reveals to Andy that his mummy-Karen has been captured by it. Andy has no choice than to let his friends leave the mall and go save his mum. Andy returns and engage in a battle with Chucky in a bid to save his mummy. Andy is able to stab Chucky in his power-cell. Oblivious that it did not die, he goes in search of his mum without looking back. Chucky again tries to kill Andy. As it is about to stab Andy, Detective Norris who is already awake after going unconscious when Chucky injured him, shoots Chucky from behind.

The paramedics’ arrive the mall attend to those badly injured during the incident. While Karen and Norris are place beside each other, Karen stretches forth her hand to him as a sign of victory. Meanwhile, the teens destroy and burn Chucky in a particular pathway.

The founder of Kaslan Corporation- Henry Kaslan while on air speaks concerning the brutal incident at Zed Mart. The CEO says its corporation is not responsible for the horrific event that happened at the mall. As a precaution, and in a bid to satisfy customers, Henry however says its corporation would be recalling all Buddi dolls for the time being.

As they return all Buddi dolls, one of the doll’s eyes flicker red and it is seen grinning.



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