When it comes to relationship, women are more emotionally attached

Symptoms of a girl with a broken heart

1. She always listens to songs like Cry by Rihanna or any other song on heartbreaks, rather than love songs like Water by Beyonce ft Pharrell Williams and Salatiel; like I

am doing now.

2. She just wants to get too occupied in something in a bid to let go of her worries, chest pain or hurts. If the person is a blogger, she would keep blogging like I am doing.

3. She would quickly want to jump into another relationship in a bid to let go of the hurt of the past relationship; that may be detrimental.

4. She would also keep saying “I hate men” and want to avoid men in addition to wanting to quickly jump into another relationship.

5. She tries to hold back tears, but they end up dropping; just like in my case.

5. Trust me when I say she would suffer a lot of insomnia; I did.

6. She would lose appetite; I did.

7. She would lose focus; I did.

8. She would tell herself that she is strong and can do without the person, even though it is not true at the onset.


You know what, whoever left you doesn’t deserve you and was never meant for you. So get yourself back! Keep working on yourself and that very best lady/man will soon locate you.

You deserve only the best!

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