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The network

started out with 12 digits as the pin number to recharge your MTN line. About a decade after, without informing the users of their network, they changed to 16 digit numbers. This of course got a lot of MTN users confused (including me) because they thought they bought a fake card. It was after a while MTN clarified the air and told users of their network that their MTN cards will now have 16 digits and not 12 digits again.

Not quite long, they again changed from 16 digits to 17 digits without informing the users  of their network. This again did not go down well with people who already made trouble with those they had purchased the cards from thinking they sold a fake card to them.

Now, I went out to buy a 500 Naira MTN card. As I was loading the card with the usual code for recharging “*555*” I realized that the digits were not up to 17 again, they were less; they were actually 10. But I still tried it with the code “*555*” oblivious that they had changed the recharge code.

So I went back to where I had bought the card to complain. The seller had to return the card to the place she bought the cards in bulk. On getting to the place, she was told that MTN management already changed the recharge code from “*555*” to *3555*1″. She came back to relay the message to me. All I just told her was that “MTN yi ni wahala gan ni o” as in they really have problem. Why won’t they update users of their network via their social media handles, sms or whatever way to avoid confusion? Phew! Rada rada!


But, but, but, MTN sha is still the best and fastest network when it comes to browsing, but “dem dey jah MB” as in they cunningly remove your data quickly.

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