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My hands have actually been itching to write about this song, I don’t know why; must be because of the energetic performance displayed by Cardi B all through the song, or better still, it must be because Ogefash still needs more “press” for now#Winks

So, the song “press” by Cardi B is quite dicey. It is still uncertain if she is talking about the “press” that means media or “press” that means to be fondled with or “press” that menas to be pushed into doing something you don’t wanna do. However,  listening to this song countlessly, I feel it may be the latter, so calm down like Taylor sang in a song, (you) press

Take a gander at the lyrics below before the main review.



Woo, yeah
Bitches be pressed (woo)
Bitches be pressed (pressed)
Woo, yeah, yeah, woo


Bitches be pressed (Pressed)
They knew how I’m coming, real bitch in the flesh (Woo)
Who the fuck she gonna check? (Who?)
She be talking that shit, talking out of her neck (Brrr)
Put blood on her dress (woo)
Bitches be mad when they see Cardi step in the spot (Woo)
Said that you bought it, we know that you not
Amma pull up on bitches as soon as I drop
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, I might copy ya(Skrrr)
Bitches in my business, they tryna ply (Woo)
Hoes popping shit like they hot but they not (No)
Just flooded the wrist, the Patek, the watch (Woo)
Niggas be flexing, we know what you got
Cardi the hacker the game in a knot
Fucking your nigga, I got him on lock
This go bang bang like I’m chopping them chops
VVS chain, I’m in love with the watch (Wow)
You said you gonna take it, bitch, you got me chopped (Woo)
They throwing shade ’cause they see me on top
Tell that bitch to pull up, amma send you the drop


Press, press, press, press, press
Cardi don’t need more press
Kill ’em all, put them hoes to rest
Walk in, bulletproof vest
Please tell me who she gonna check
Murder scene, Cardi made a mess
Pop up, guess who, bitch?
Pop up, guess who, bitch?


Ding dong
Must be that whip that I ordered (Ordered)
And a new crib for my daughter (Daughter)
You know a bad bitch gonna spoil her
Got one in New York, need one in Georgia (Yeah)
New Bentley truck cost a quarter (Quarter)
My money still long like weave (Woo)
Pussy still wet like Florida (Woo)
Everyone drop on the floor (Floor)
She was talking but not anymore (No)
Mac to your face like contour (Brrr)
This chopper come straight from Dior
Done with the talking, I’m open to violence
Ask anybody, they know I’m about it
Hashtag whip that hoe ass
Fuck around, we gonna start a new challenge
I come in this bitch and I’m strapped up and ready (Voom)
Riding that dick like I’m Cardi Andretti (Meow)
Fuck at your crib, we don’t go to no ‘telly
I sit on his face whenever I’m ready (Woo)
Bitch I’m a freak like Greek (like Greek)
Got the biggest house on my street (My street)
All you little hoes look cheap (Look cheap)
They sucking on my dick with no teeth


Press, press, press, press, press (Cardi)
Cardi don’t need more press
Kill ’em all, put them hoes to rest (Woo)
Walk in, bulletproof vest (yeah)
Please tell me who she gonna check (Who?)
Murder scene, Cardi made a mess (Cardi)
Pop up, guess who, bitch? (Yeah)
Pop up, guess who, bitch? (Cardi)


Press, press, press, press, press
Press, press, press, press, press
Press, press, press, press, press
Pop up, guess who, bitch? (Yeah)
Pop up, guess who, bitch? (Cardi)



Hmm! So, was that opening scene really necessary?

Anyway, the song “press” is “attention -driven”; the title and visual was basically to draw attention, which the artiste- Cardi B, achieved in doing.

If you ask me, I don’t think the song has anything to do with the press as in “media,” although the video makes it look like she was talking about the media as she was surrounded by lots of cameras. From the lyrics, it seems like Cardi B was talking about being violent with those sticking their nose into her business and those trying to push her into doing what she doesn’t want to do.

As a matter of fact, Cardi B is in the best position to really explain what she means by the song “Press.” If given just 2 minutes 31 seconds with her, amma grab all the meanings of each line.

Lyrically, the song comes in two verses. The verse 1 has 20 lines while verse 2 has 24 lines. The chorus was sung twice. Then the chorus seems to have a different theme from the verses. Also, the artiste picked a very catchy phrase”Press” as title of the track. However, the title “Press” may in the real sense not have anything to do with the “Media” like people’s general notions. After carefully listening to the song, I am of the opinion that the song was targeted at some bitches envying her as well as those pushing her to go against her will; perhaps the reason she bragged about her expensive acquisitions so they can know that with or without them, she is still triumphing.


In the verse 1 “Bitches be pressed (pressed). They knew how I’m coming, real bitch in the flesh (Woo)” Cardi B talks about sex, her copycats (This she sang in this line “Bitches in my business, they tryna ply (Woo)), expensive acquisitions (VVS chain, Patek Wrist watch.)  and those hating on her. She says those envying her, those sticking their nose into her business as well as those pushing her to go against her will are now feeling uncomfortable because they know she is coming to deal with them. As in, she would be violent with them. This she sang in the line “Put blood on her dress (Woo)”

In the chorus “Press, press, press, press, press, Cardi don’t need more press” the artiste expresses her frustration on the issue of being pressed and states unwillingness to no longer tolerate any more “push” from people to do something she doesn’t want to. She even says she would create a violent scene if they dare to and she would walk away unscathed (Remember the line where she said she was wearing a bullet proof vest) while the reverse would be the case for them; they would come out crippled or dead like we saw in the visual.

In the verse 2 “Ding dong! Must be that whip that I ordered (Ordered)” the artiste again talks about her expensive acquisitions such as Bentley truck, chopper from  Dior, Mac Cosmetics, big houses for her daughter Kulture and another for herself.

She also talks about her readiness to drop anyone that is bitchy around her. We can tel l that Cardi B is done talking. She has fastened her belt and is ready to be violent. View it in the below line

“Done with the talking, I’m open to violence. Ask anybody, they know I’m about it
Hashtag whip that hoe ass. Fuck around, we gonna start a new challenge
I come in this bitch and I’m strapped up and ready (Voom)”


There are different definitions for the word press. “Press” as in media; “press” as in to be pushed against one’s will ; “press” as in when someone touches your body; “press” as in to be pressurized.

Whichever the artist may mean, the message of the song however centers on violently dealing with anyone that is bitchy and tries to mess around with her like she did in the video. Remember, she has also ordered for that whip!


The video was shot in America. They used both indoor and outdoor scenes.


There was so much nudity irrespective of the fact that they were on a costume that made them look naked.

That reminds, I love the attires those ladies on the typewriter wore in the court; so girly.


This protesters got me thinking though



The song “press” lasted for about 3 minutes 31 seconds but the real song did not start until after 60 seconds of a short drama, Cardi came in with her vocals. Her vocal was strong, confident, energetic and convinving. She sang expressively to the lyrics. I can feel the flow of rhythm in the song. The major instruments used in the song include the drums, piano and guitar and they made the song interesting to the ears


I really do not know what to make of this video. Does it have a message? May be! Maybe not!  The video is just a way of encouraging violence. Why did she murder the protesters? Why did she murder all those in the court?

Cardi B the “spree killer” is found guilty of murder and she goes about killing people like chicken.  So who is the real guilty one?

But away from the video story-line, this video is what I call great cinematography! I also love her energetic performance; splendid.

I feel Cardi B would be so perfect for one wicked animated super villain. She would fit in for a cartoon character like, hmm, may be “Scar” from the lion king or “Jafar” from Aladin. What wicked cartoon character would yours be for her?




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