We are still yet to recover from Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo’s viral rape story,  now another story is trending. It is the gist on Senator Elisha Abbo who is from Gova in Muchalla village of  Muabi North Local Government Area, Adamawa State.

Senator Elisha is one of the youngest senators in the country. The senator is supposed to be an advocate of the masses like one of his IG account states, but going by his recent assault, it doesn’t seem so.

The young senator accompanied by his “sugar” girlfriends were  captured on CCTV in an Abuja sex toy shop. One of his girlfriends puked repeatedly and this made the shop owner react just once. The aftermath of the shop owner’s reaction is “Igbati” as in slap. The senator actually slapped her repeatedly; this is rubbish. Which kain senator be this na?

Anyway, I learnt they have suspended the senator….More gist coming soon

#Senatorelishaabbo #elishaabbo


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