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Phew! This is really an affair to die for. As in, Holly Pierpoint (Acted by Claire Forlani) will definitely not be getting away with this if there happen to be a continuation of the movie. With her fingerprints on every murder and all evidences that would have vindicated her destroyed; she may really need to call more than heaven for help…

So is the movie suspense filled? For sure!

Enough of the long intro, so what is the movie “An affair to die for” about? The movie tells the story of a University professor (Acted by Claire Forlani) who offered to help a failing student- Everett Alan. Holly gave him the option of pleasuring her sexually to upgrade his marks or keep scoring low marks and never become the doctor he has always wished to be. Alan jumped at the first offer despite the fact that he was married and Holly too. Every weekend, both hooked up at various hotels for sexual romp. But one day, their pleasant sexual weekend turned unpleasant when their spouses- Russell Pierpoint (Acted by Titus Welliver) and Lydia Alan (Acted by Melina Matthews) discovered them and punished them brutally for their infidelity.

Woh Woh! What can I say about this movie? Simply say a-eight-cast movie; Russell and Holly Pierpoint, Everett and Lydia Alan, the male hotel staff- Dave, the receptionist and the two hotel Securities. It is also one-location-setting movie. The film was shot in a hotel, majorly in one room with the exception of the last scene. It has lots of scene they were shot in one room. The film revolved around a cheating woman and man, Holly and Everett, hence, the reason we get to see more of them than the other casts. So did they interpret their roles well? To an extent they did, likewise the other actors in the movie.

However, there are some things that are yet to be clear to me in this movie. So who really staged the attack? Russell or Lydia? If it was Lydia, how did he get Russell involved and why did she kill him?

Now after Lydia already killed Russell, it was still a male voice that was still speaking with Holly. So whose voice was that?

How did Holly get her phone back, I though the phone was taken from her. Remember the part where the punisher sent a message to Everett using Holly’s phone? So confusing…

The film only made use of day scenes, no night scenes. The cinematography was not too good. The video quality was pretty poor. The story line tallies with the title of the movie, because if you look at it very well, Professor Holly would die afterwards; it is indeed an affair to die for.

Also, at some point, they were not audible enough…

Costume wise

  • Just costume

Sound wise

  • Good

Just thinking

  • What happened to the sound @ the 9 minute 28 seconds – 11 minutes 18 seconds of the movie?
  • At11 minutes 35 seconds of the movie when Russell Pierpont was having sex with Holly Pierpoint, how come Holly did not recognize her husband’s touch? I mean Russell’s touch should have been familiar to her. Or has it been years since she last had sex with her husband?
  • Who was using who? Whose initial game plan? Russell or Lydia? Russell seemed to be in charge at the beginning of the movie. Russell @ the 15 minutes of the movie said he already had Everett’s wife-Lydia, but at the latter part of the middle, Lydia took over and killed Russell.
  • So, whose face was behind the male voice that called Everett @ the 55 minutes of the movie?
  • At 1 hour 22 seconds of the movie, it was pretty obvious that Holly was concealing something, so how come the hotel securities did not know…
  • So, after Russell and Everett’s death, who was the male voice that was speaking with Holly?

Confusing scene(s): Nil

Overall rating for An affair to die for

  • STRUCTURE: Good Beginning, Somewhat Middle, Good Ending
  • SOUND: Superb
  • DIALOGUE: Good
  • CHARACTERS: Familiar faces and new faces
  • SHOTS: Not too bright shots
  • LOCATION: It was shot in America. The whole movie was shot in an hotel room.
  • REMARK: A suspense filled movie, however some questions were left unanswered. Lydia couldn’t have pulled the stunt alone in a structured hotel; she probably planned it out with someone else. So who was the person? If it was Russell, no scene or flashback scene that showed it………
  • RATE: 6/10


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