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I don’t know the director of this Asa’s video titled “Beginning” but I must commend the person’s effort, it is indeed commendable; odi (it is) nice

Moving on, kindly take a gander at the lyrics below before the main review



Uh uh uh uh

Uh uh uh uh uh



One of us must have a last say

Words like dagger, we try to hurt each other

There’s no other way, until one surrenders

We have been like this for days

We have been like this for daaaays

So when you said goodbye

With a smile on your face

I thought it was as usual

You’ll be gone just for a little while

I didn’t see it coming

Won’t believe if someone told me

That I have been waiting for years

Been waiting for yearrrrrs


Even though we near

Like we far away

Far from far away

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

Let’s go back to the beginning



None of us must have a last say

I’m writing you this letter

Hoping we can make things clearer

Over all the shouting

We forget to hear each other

And I missed you for days

In so many waaays


Even though we near

Like we far away

Far from far away

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

Let’s go back to the beginning (To the beginning)



You and me

Let’s go back to the beginning (To the beginning)

You and me (To the beginning)

Oh! You and me (To the beginning)

The beginning

You and me


Let’s go back to the beginning

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah ye (2x)





I love this track; dope track. Is there any song by Asa that you will just not love? Ko possible (It is just not possible)

Lyrically, the song comes in two verses. Verse 1 is lengthier than Verse 2. The chorus was sung two times. The artiste basically sang in Standard English.

The lyrics are detailed, well written, soulful, inspiring and meaningful. It talks about a lady willing to make amends in her relationship with her significant other, even if it means starting over again just to make the relationship work.

The song arrangement: Intro- Verse 1- Chorus- Verse 2- Chorus- Outro



In the verse 1, “One of us must have a last say” Asa talks about her relationship with her significant other which is about to hit the rock; as in end. From this line “Words like dagger, we try to hurt each other,” we can tell that both of them utter words that hurt each other’s feelings.

The artist makes us understand that she and her significant other always quarrel non-stop until one of them gives up, but it doesn’t ever lead to a breakup as they always settle their dispute. According to her, one fateful day after another of their typical argument, her significant other as usual left the house but never returned this time around.

In the Chorus, “Even though we near” the artiste says though she and her significant other may be together but their hearts are far away from each other. They are distant to each other emotionally. That is, they are not responding to each other emotionally whenever they are together. However, the artiste makes us know she is willing to make the relationship work as she implores her significant other that they should learn from their past mistakes and start afresh. She wants them to go about the relationship in a different way from the last time just to make it work again.


In the Verse 2 “None of us must have a last say” the artiste lets us know how much she is willing to make amends and make the relationship work.

“None of us must have a last say” further explains that the artiste doesn’t want them to end the relationship, because “last say” in a relationship automatically connotes a break up with one’s partner. She hopes that the letter she sends to him will make him understand how she is willing to make the relationship work. She further points out one of the things that may actually be causing their constant fight to be the fact that they never listen to each other. No one wants to agree to be at fault.



The word “Beginning” means “To start”

The artiste used the word beginning with a prefix “Back to the beginning” which means to start something afresh.

In essence the song basically talks about a lady who still wants to keep her relationship with her significant other. She is willing to start all over again in order to make the relationship which is about to end work again.


Last Say– Final utterance or words or remark of someone; Dagger: Stabbing weapon; Hurt: To cause emotional or physical pain; a wound; Surrender: Give up, resign; Usual: Typical





The video was shot in Nigeria; it is an indoor shoot


What! I could not have loved her costume less. Terrific attires! The artiste was mostly on gowns and they were all beautiful. She wore basically three colours of gowns; black, blue and ash.


The artiste’s vocal is so rich and appealing. She was expressive as she sang to the rhythm. She also flowed with the rhythm of the beat. It is a slow tempo song.  The predominant instruments used in the song were the piano and guitar and they made the song interesting to the ears.




This is what you call quality video. It is a concept different from the conventional method used by her fellow artistes. I love the digital effects especially for the opening scene and the ending scene. The intro scene was quite atmospheric. The lightning was cool and the visuals were clear.






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