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Adverts I know usually have a title, but this has no title. If their last advert “Trials of Brother Soji” was titled, how come this wasn’t? But from the theme of the message, we may perhaps call it “The close move” #Winks
What ya think?
The advert has only one scene where a particular girl is accompanied by her two other friends to hook up with her date (A guy). The girl and her date are initially askance to move close or converse with each other because they are not sure of how fresh their breath may be, but with Close-up toothpaste that gives people long lasting fresh breath, the barrier is broken.


She picked the time, he picked the place. Now their eyes meet. But self doubt stands between them.
Can they break the barrier? With the freshness of Anti-Bacterial mouth wash formula in our best ever close-up toothpaste. Break the carrier, move closer with confidence. Close up deep action for 12 hours of fresh breath.

Close-up toothpaste has deep action. It contains active zinc and fluoride 4 that leaves you with strong, healthy white teeth. It also battles germs and gives you up to 12 hours of fresh breath enabling you to get closer to that special person with a confident smile.


Faulting this advert is baseless; it is simple and nice. Also, the advert is self explanatory, in essence, from the visuals people can easily figure out what is happening. The narrator was also audible and his narration was not complicated.
This particular advert is like the previous Closeup advert we reviewed on our platform. (View the advert here @ Not too many spoken words which allows the audience to concentrate on the visuals and quickly pick the message in the advert.
I remember saying that companies that do their adverts in this format (less spoken words) are those that know the principles of advertising. In no time, the message would be easily understood by the viewers, and that is one thing that stands close up advert out from other product’s advert; less talk more action.
On the location used in the advert, I think they purposely used outdoor to stress the need to be extremely careful when meeting one for the first time; thumbs up.
So, does this advert have the push strategy to make customers grab their product? Well, I would say partly. Why, the concept is an overused concept especially by the manufacturers of this product. They should try some other concept!
Lastly, those youths were expressive emough; I love that!

SOUND: Melodious song, and it complements the theme of the advert. The title of the song is “You dey pon my mind” by Maleek Berry
COSTUME: Costumely!
REMARK: I love the fact that those youths were expressive. Although this advert concept is already overused, it is however interesting to watch!

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