The Nigerian Film Industry popularly known as NOLLYWOOD is planning on shooting a movie titled “40 SECONDS”

The casts for the yet to be released movie are Tonto Dike, Olakunle Churchill, their proponents and opponents.

The movie would be released on the 29th of June when Tonto Dike would be celebrating her 29th birthday.

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If you believe this my gist, then you would believe me when I say that President Buhari is no longer interested in being the president of Nigeria and has decided to put Atiku on seat; ko le happen.

You would believe me when I say Sanwo Olu has decided to step down for Governor Ambode to go for his second term; ko le happen.

What am I trying to say, the gist na joke o; I was just joking. Although, I wont be surprised to see Nollywood title their movie #40seconds; let us bet…

Besides, this #40 seconds Tonto Dike accused her husband of in bed is really trending. People have now turned Tonto Dike’s 40seconds to prayer point. Infact her former husband posted a video on his IG with the caption “Making money in 40 seconds”. Although he deleted it minutes later but millions of people don already screenshot am.

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