I just feel famous actress~Tonto Dike in the course of constantly attacking and calling out her former husband~ Olakunle Churchill succeeded in sharing her glory.

She has shared her glory not only with Olakunle Churchill, but with that Rosy Meurer and many people that constantly fought against her for always saying all sorts of negative things about former husband.

Why did I say she shared her glory you may ask? Because those people end up shining and trending on her story. The suddenly get thousands of followers on top her matter.

As in who knew Olakunle Churchill before, despite the closeness he had with the former president~ Olusegun Obasanjo before.

I mean who knew that Rosy Meurer before, and many others?

They are only shining on Tonto Dike’s Irawo (Star) and would have been unkwown or better still be in the obscurity world if she had not mentioned them especially with so much strength.

Imagine, that Rosy now even talks anyhow. She had the guts to say Tonto’s marriage crisis boosted her career. On her IG Page, she was even calling Tonto Mumu indirectly…

Omashe, aiye mi oni baje. No one shall steal my shine na afa Chukwu (In Jesus name) Amen.

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@OlusegunObasanjo #OlusegunObasanjo #ogefash


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