(Clearing throat) Did ya all watch Big brother reloaded or should I say the reunion party? If yes, then you would understand this gist

If no, don’t worry, amma still make you understand this gist

So back to the Big Brother Reloaded gist, all the 20 contestants comprising 10 guys and 10 ladies were brought together again to air their views about events that happened after the Big Brother Naija 2018 reality show. The ladies had their separate chat while the guys had their separate chat. My main gist is however on the ladies’ chat and not the guys’ chat; nothing much to gist about the guys’ chat, it was sort of boring.

So, after watching the 10 ladies air their diverse views at the Big Brother Reloaded, I am forced to ask you all “Na who own Tobi O?”Is it Alex? Or Ceec? Abi una no see wetin I see ni?

The current gist is that Tobi and Alex are an item but the way Ceec is always attacking them is what I do not understand.

So Ceec during the Big Brother Reloaded show said they all retired to their various rooms in the hotel they lodged them after the show. She said she was feeling lonely and needed someone to talk to. The only person that came to her mind was Tobi out of the other 19 contestants (So, I am wondering self, why was she looking for Tobi after the show? If you recall, she was constantly on Tobi’s neck. She always fought him and abused him during the show; I no come know if na love fight or something else sha. Well I think she had a crush on Tobi)

As I was saying jare, so Ceec said Tobi was not in his room, he was in Alex’s room. She said she found both of them almost naked or maybe under the covers (Ehen, na new thing!) and this put a hole in her heart. She accused them of having sex with each other (I no come know how this concern her). She insulted both Alex and Tobi (Make una see me o! I am sure her loneliness worsened that night)

Ceec said a whole lot about Alex and this got emotional and calm Alex teary. She cried and cried and begged Ceec to forgive her (Like you know when two kids are keeping malice and one of them is crying that the other should please play with him or her). To win Ceec’s heart, Alex implored her that they should hang out someday to settle whatever dispute between them and be friends again.

So joining the conversation, the other female contestants said that you can be friends with someone and still not be close while Ceec feeling like the Queen everybody needs her friendship said friendship is not by force (That’s true!)

But Alex kept on apologizing to Ceec (Your mumu don do jare! Oh sorry that is harsh, Ride on, you are the mature one) and went as far as setting a date for them to hang out (Imagine, person never forgive you, you dey fix date for outing; okay continue)

When Ceec did not yield to her request, Alex cried out of the chat room and when the BBNaija camera people followed her, she yelled at them to go back else she would break their camera (Ghen ghen; action movie)

Tobi kukuma no say anything about this. But to us on Ogefash Blog, this looks like Ija Ife what English people call “Love fight” So now I am asking, who owns Tobi? Is it Ceec? Or Alex?

The 20 contestants that featured in the third edition of the BBnaija tagged “Double Wahale” which held in 2018 in South Africa can be viewed here-

Story by Eunice Osunde. Follow her on IG @euniquechef

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