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Shopping addictions By Oge Nwabueze 

I have come to realize that every lady, well may be 99.8%, love the word ‘Shopping’ because it is fun and thrilling, especially when you have got the cash. But hey, be careful! What you thought could bring a spark on your face, might just end up ruining your day, leaving you with a feeling of guilt.  In essence, some ladies shop like there is no tomorrow; just like most men are addicted to alcohol, they are so obsessed with shopping.

Fine, I know you have got your eyes fixed on a variety of items. From the latest sleek phone, to that kitchen item you so want to get. Not to talk of the gold neck piece you have had your eyes on; the dresses, make up, bags, and those ‘’killer’’ heels that are just too adorable that you just can’t wait to lay your hands on and an endless list of personal items.

But the truth of the matter is that when this shopping becomes excessive, you become an addict because of the inability to control the urge to ‘’buy-buy’’. You buy every ‘pick-me-up’ object (things that are flashy and eye-catching). Funny as it may sound, even when you are in the toilet, bathroom, kitchen, or even on transit, your mind is constantly on the next item to purchase, with or without cash. Most times you cannot even concentrate on a particular thing this is because your attention is constantly divided.

I know you do not even mind spending the whole day at the supermarket, since that is what you do at leisure, (maybe you are even one of those ladies that put it as a ‘hobby’ in your CV) and after shopping, you enter the house with a bag full of items, and with a smile lurked at the side of your mouth, you walk stealthily to your room, glad nobody saw you. This is because you definitely know that someone who is not a freak like you or feels you were just extravagant might end up scolding you.

As an addict, you also yearn for the newest and trendiest collections via Facebook, Instagram or any other social network just to satisfy your urge at all cost. Dearie! “Social media go crash your bank account o”. Because, there are so many hard to resist items online that will only trigger that shopaholic instinct in you, and trust me, a freak like you would definitely find it difficult to resist the temptation of ordering for them.

Since it is difficult for a compulsive shopaholic like you to get your eyes off fancy items and the latest products, especially when you come across them, most often, you end up buying what you did not plan for and accumulate both relevant and irrelevant things.

Most annoying is that you tend to unconsciously re-buy items you already have. In the long run, those piled up items would become useless or outdated. To save yourself from the mess, you try to quickly sell them off, but again, you end up buying a new item to replace the old.

This addiction is most likely to be associated with people that appear on screen, possibly presenters, politicians, musicians, actresses, footballers; popular figures in sum. They always want to look their best since they are always under public scrutiny. They go the extra mile to please their fans by always appearing flashy which of course turns them to extravagant people over time, and some, I guess, (like I heard Mariah Carrey has) even have separate rooms for each item. It may also be a habit that sprung from being over pampered as a kid.

If you have an uncontrollable shopping habit, you are prone to get neck deep in debt, especially at festive periods. This is because after you spend and exhaust your money, you end up borrowing from someone else in a bid to satisfy your urge.  If any other day is a Xmas spree, then what would you now tag festive periods ‘your guess is as good as mine.

So, girl friend you need to really control your spending habit else, it will end up affecting other aspects of your life. It could be your personal life, finance, secular, relationships, family, and possibly your job.

Actually, I am not asking you not to shop, but always remember that human needs are voracious. Therefore, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself! And this can only be achieved by keeping your spending under control, whether rich or poor.

Attitudes or symptoms of one who is addicted to shopping

  • Divided Attention
  • Always spending and living above income
  • Being secretive about the things bought in order not to be reprimanded
  • Lying about the actual amount of money used in purchasing those items
  • Impetuous buying/ Buying things not planned for
  • Always thinking about where and what to buy next
  • Salary finishes in the second week of the month or earlier
  • Thinking obsessively about how to lay hands on extra cash



  • Ask yourself to what extent do you really need those items
  • What is the probability that because of your impatience, you have not purchased a fake product
  • Can you use everything at the same time, remember some might become old fashioned or be superseded by a better one, in this tech world, new things spring up before the count of seconds
  • Check your list again; maybe you shouldn’t be buying that item you picked. Trust me, you wont die if you do not buy it, but you can die gradually by buying it and running into debts.

Way out

  • Have a list of what you plan to buy, keep to that list, take the exact money, and possibly leave your ATM card at home. If the prizes of the items you want to buy have gone up, then drop an item, it is a way of learning to let go and avoid shopping addictions.
  • May be you can try going for shopping with someone that is not a freak like you, and please look for a better hobby

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