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I love this advert; simple and self explanatory. I love the fact that this MTN advert is not just all about promoting their services. The advert is channeled at those that are into drugs, youths in particular as it admonishes them to shun drugs.
In the first scene, a male undergraduate is on a video call with the sister. His sister asks about his location and he tells her that he is at the bus stop and would be home as soon as a bus comes by. The sister before dropping the call tells him that their mum already prepared dinner.

An unusual bus finally pulls over on the side of the road he stood. The undergraduate is happy that a bus is finally on ground. But as he is about to enter the bus, he scrutinizes the bus and the people in it. He is appalled when he sees those in the bus consuming drugs. As he is about to move away from them, another undergraduate who seems to be in a rush, enters the same vehicle without scrutinizing it. They speed off immediately not letting him out.

This is an advert designed to discourage drug abuse and encourage a drug-free nation. To achieve this, MTN Telecommunication Company enjoined people to be watchful, alert, conscious or better still #staywoke of their surroundings in order not to be forcefully pulled into it. It also beckons on people that are already into it to stop the act.
Drug abuse is a one- chance bus. Let’s build a drug free nation together #just for you.Stay free of drugs

An undergraduate while on his way home almost boards a one-chance bus filled with youths that consume drugs. His ability to properly scrutinize the vehicle saves him from boarding the vehicle. However, another undergraduate who enters the vehicle without scrutinizing the vehicle ends up getting trapped in the bus.

I am wondering though why the undergraduate’s sister called him big head; the boy “no get” big head like that. Infact, that his sister has a bigger head self; so ironical.

It is not only big but….#Winks, just kidding though…

Anyway, that is by the way. The word “Stay woke” basically means being wide awake, conscious or being alert. So what exactly should one “stay woke” to? His or her surroundings!
In this advert, MTN admonishes people especially youths to stay woke so they do not fall victims of one-chance-drug-bus. The word one-chance bus means any type of bus people use for evil purposes such as robbery, kidnap or ritual purposes.
So, in as much as I love this advert, I don’t think it has this “push strategy” to scare people away from drugs. The youths they used in the advert were not interpretative enough of their roles. None of them displayed any particular misbehavior people usually link to those that consume drugs just some freaky costume and makeup which people that do not take drugs can be seen doing. The only thing that really makes us know they are into drugs is when the camera zooms to those drugs on the table.
Hey, but then I love the undergraduate’s expression, he was probably the best in the advert.

May I ask who those on the road side are? I know they really wanted the advert to really look like a school setting, hence the reason they put that woman selling “God knows what” on the road side with two people patronizing her. But, she was really out of place; so out of place. Look at the kiosk abi na table MTN even gave her. The woman and the people around her were not relevant.

Drug abuse is a one-chance bus may mean that anyone that starts taking drugs will not leave without being hurt.
If this advert has enough push factor to make people stay away from drugs, don’t think so
SOUND: Just instrumentals; cool.
REMARK: Fair! That woman selling stuff at that road side is so out of place. The advert doesn’t have enough push strategy to make people really shun drugs

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