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Adaeze (Acted by Genevieve Nnaji) is the first child and only daughter of Chief Ernest Obiagu (Acted by Pete Edochie). Chief Ernest Obiagu is the chairman of popular and big transport company~Lionheart in the eastern part of Nigeria. Chief Obiagu cherishes his daughter~Adaeze because she is brave, intelligent, skilled and runs the company effectively, unlike his second child, a male~Obiora (Acted by Chibuzor Azubuike aka Phyno) who constantly shows apathy in the affairs of the company because of his interest in music.

One day, the government of the country decides to give BRT contracts to one of the leading transport companies in the country. This makes transport companies alert, each of them hoping to be awarded the contract. Lionheart while warming up peradventure they get the  contract acquires millions of Naira loans from various banks.

However, after months of waiting and the contract doesn’t click, their loan duration expires and banks seek for the return of the loans collected within a month. Their inability to pay back in the period of time given to them, threatens the existence of Lionheart. Meanwhile, their major competitor ~IG Motors owned by Igwe Pascal (Acted by Kanayo.O Kanayo) is hovering like a wounded lion waiting to take over Lionheart.

Adaeze is helpless and seeks help in her old friend’s place~Arinze (Acted by Peter Okoye aka Mr.P) who offers to help but seems like a sexual condition is attached to it. What will happen? Will Adaeze surrender her body to Arinze? Will Chief Obiagu lose his company? Find out in the plot.


In Enugu, Nigeria, some men enter the car park of Lionheart transport company refusing them to move. They make a scene while forcefully demanding for money. Onyinye (Acted by Jemila Osunde), one of Lionheart transport company staff sights these men and runs off to tell her direct boss~Adaeze (Acted by Genevieve Nnaji). Adaeze demands from those making trouble what the problem is and and they demand for money as a payback for always helping to direct passengers to their park. Adaeze is however not offended by their demands but by the rascal way they are going about it. She charges them to act like civilized Nigerians by returning to ask for money in a proper way. They heed  to her instructions.

The prior situation makes Adaeze late for a meeeting with the other board of directors of Lionheart transport company. She arrives just exactly when they are about to kickoff without her. She shows the board the presentation for the BRT contract they are gunning for and they are really impressed. In the presentation is the highlight of how Lionheart 200 buses cater to about 50,000 passengers weekly, their strong reputation for safety and comfort and their readiness to grow with the coal city. They commend Adaeze’s effort and equally call it the best presentation so far.  They plan to set up a meeting with the minister for the final phase. Chief Obiagu also commends his  daughter’s effort. However, after the presentation, Chief Obiagu has an heart attack.

Chief Obiagu is on the bed while his wife~Abigail Obiagu (Acted by Onyeka Onwenu) is sitting beside him and pacifying him. Chief Obiagu is watching an interview with the owner of IG motors- Igwe Pascal (Acted by Kanayo. O. Kanayo), Lion heart major competitor who is also vying for the contract. Igwe Pascal knowing the health condition of Chief Obiagu takes a swipe at the Lionheart transport company and even wishes him dead. Abigail Obiagu tries to get her sick husband~Chief Obiagu to focus more on his health rather than the company’s activities or the exasperating words being uttered by his competitor~ Igwe Pascal on television. Igwe Pascal goes on to talk about the government awarding his company the BRT contract rather than the Lionheart company.

Adaaze and her brother Obiora (Acted by Phyno) are on their way to their dad’s room. Obiora pleads with Adaeze to give him money to shoot another video. But Adaeze is skeptical about it because his last two videos cost 4 million Naira, but the music still did not hit. However, Obiora  promises Adaeze that the next video would be  a hit. He implores her to convince their parents to give him money for the next video shoot, but Adaeze is still skeptical. Both Adaeze and Obiora on getting to their dad’s room, find him so disoriented. Adaeze is able to tell that Igwe Pascal is behind her dad’s unrest. She tries to discuss business with him in his sick condition, but her mum~Abigail pulls her out of the room just as she did to Obiora, her brother.

Adaeze after her morning exercise heads straight to work.  One of the company’s driver tells he that Enugu- Shagamu route is running low on passengers. Adaeze promises to look into it. As Adaeze steps into her office, her secretary Onyinye reminds her about the meeting with other board of directors. Onyinye also reminds her of the meeting with the external auditors by 1pm.  Onyinye is however enthusiastic about her boss~Adaeze and spurs her to give a shot at becoming the managing director of the Lionheart transport company. Adaeze is honoured to hear that but however reminds her that her daddy is still alive.

Chief Obiagu is still sick, he however summons the strength to call the company in order to speak the with the board of directors of Lion heart transport company. He tells them of his intention to put someone in charge till he recovers. Both Adaeze and Samuel (Acted by Kalu Ikeagwu) are looking forward to taking up the mantle of leadership. However, to their uttermost dismay, Chief Obiagu does not put any of them in charge, he instead puts his brother~ Godswill Obiagu (Acted by Nkem Owoh) who walks into their gathering abruptly just after the announcement.  The whole room seem frozen as they are not happy with Chief Obiagu’s choice of replacement. The board disengages all still appalled by Chief Obiagu’s choice.   Samuel introduces himself to him while Adaeze welcomes her uncle. She tries to hide her obvious disappointment but her uncle is able to tell. Disheartened Adaeze manages to ask her uncle about the welfare of his family.

Adaaeze is still unhappy that her father had to call his brother~Godswill Obiagu to oversee the activities of the company rather than put her in charge. She goes home to speak to her dad about it without informing her uncle about her departure from the office. Adaeze’s mum- Abigail pulls her  aside before she is able to reach her dad. She tells her mum that if she was a boy, her father would have put her in charge. Her mother disagrees with her and tells her that her father’s decision has nothing to do with gender. During their conversation, Godswill Obiagu walks in and they welcome him again. He notices Adaeze’s cheerlesness and knows the reason. He goes over to see his brother~Chief Obiagu and they discuss. Adaeze finds a way to go and see her dad. Her uncle Godswill Obiagu is still with her father, so she is unable to question his decision, she instead checks his health. Both her father and uncle notice her cheerlessness.

Adaeze does her usual morning exercise afterwhich she heads to work. On getting to work, she is appalled when she finds no staff on seat. She eventually finds out that her uncle~Mr. Godswill Obiagu who just arrived introduced a morning devotion as a daily routine of the company. Adaeze says nothing about this. She offers to show her uncle~ Godswill Obiagu to his new office which is her dad’s office, but he refuses to  stay in Chief Obiagu’s office. He picks a non elaborate place among the staff. Adaeze’s secretary~ Onyinye reminds her of the meeting with the external auditors. Adaeze asks Godswill Obiagu to join her in the meeting as well and he agrees. The auditors tell them that they are in debt of about 950 million naira. They tell Adaeze that the chairman~Chief Obiagu took  a loan to acquire 100 luxurious buses against their advice.  They tell them to pay all they owe in 30 days or risk losing everything.

Chief Obiagu confirms to Adaeze and Godswill Obiagu that he truly  took loan from banks.  He tells them that it is beacuse he was looking forward to getting the BRT contract. Adaeze feels her father~Chief Obiagu took a big risk while Godswill Odogwu junior feels the money borrowed is too much for whatever project he intends doing.

Adaeze after working all night is unable to meet the morning devotion introduced by her uncle~ Godswill Obiagu. Adaeze tells her uncle that they should meet with bank managers and ask for extension concerning the loans. Godswill Obiagu on the other hand feels they should merge with Maikano transport company owned by Alhaji Abubakar Maikano (Acted by Sani Muazu ) that is looking for a transport company  from the South East to merge with.  She doesn’t agree with her uncle as she feels Lionheart will no longer exist once they merge. Adaeze sticks to the loan extension and asks the accountant to set up meeting with all the banks they owe.

Both Adaeze and Godswill Obiagu visit the first bank and they turn down their extension request. They visit another bank and the staff decides to focus on Adaeze’s chest which makes the uncle cover her body with the newspaper in his hand.  They both visit series of banks but they did not approve of their extension.

They both visit a different bank to acquire another loan, but the manager knowing the current situation of Lionheart company , coupled with the fact that the owner of IG motors~ Igwe  Pascal had called to tell him to turn down their request, refuses to grant them loan. Godswill tries to bribe him to grant them loan. Seeing how desperate they are, he says he would only help them if Adaeze sleeps with him. This infuriates Godswill as he punches the manager. This makes them get  locked up. The bank manager calls the owner of IG motors~Igwe Pascal and updates him on what transpired between him and the Obiagus.

Onyinye and another Lionheart staff go and bail Adaeze and Godswill Obiagu but the officer refuses to free them since their stay in the prison is being manipulated by Pascal Igwe who wants to take over their company. The officer tells them that it is because his boss is not around and he is already aware that a male and female are in the prison. Onyinye tells them about the emergency board meeting going on and  approved by Samuel which also has the presence of their major competitor~Igwe Pascal. Adaeze while thinking of a way out of the situation,  connives with the officer. Both Onyinye and the other male staff stay in place of Adaeze and her uncle~Godswill Obiagu.  They also change wears.

While at the meeting, Igwe Pascal shows interest in acquiring Lionheart transport company. Meanwhile, the officer’s boss returns and he is pleased to still find a man and woman locked up.  Adaeze and Godswill walk in on them and demand an explanation as to what Igwe Pascal is doing in the office. Samuel  tells them that Igwe Pascal intends buying Lion Heart at 3 billion naira as well as incorporate it into IG MOTORS. Igwe pascal leaves the gathering giving them 10 days to respond to his offer. Adaeze and Godswill try  convincing the members of board to be patient as they find solution to the challenges facing the company. They implore them to reject Pascal’s proposition but they are not ready to do so. They also give them ten days to find a solution.

Adaeze suggests to her uncle~Godswill that they should approach a musician friend of hers~ Arinze (Acted by Peter Okoye aka Mr. P) that he may be able to render help financially.  While Adaeze alone chats with Arinze, her uncle~Godswill moves around trying to chat a lady up. In the process he stumbles on two Igbo men trying to dupe an Hausa man- Hamza Maikano junior (Acted by Yakubu Mohammed). His ability to understand Igbo makes him expose the swindlers and save Hamza from being swindled.  The hausa man leaves while the two Igbo swindlers try to harm Godswill. Meanwhile, Arinze tries to make a pass at Adaeze after offering to help the company with the sum of 500 miliion naira. As he goes in to retrieve some glass cups for a drink with Adaeze, she runs away. She locates her uncle and saves him from the impending harm of the swindlers.

Adaeze goes to see the director concerning the BRT contract. The director tells her that the EFCC is investigating their company and the permanent secretary has been placed on compulsory leave hence he has no idea of the fate of the BRT project. She returns to the office saddened. This also gives her sleepless night.

Obiora is rehearsing in the studio while his mum~Abigail watches with undivided attention. A call enters her phone diverting her attention.  She goes to check on her daughter Adaeze who happen to be at home instead of work. Adaeze tells her mum she isn’t feeling too well. She updates her mum on the situation of the company, their inability to get a bank extension as well as the BRT contract. Adaeze is downcast and feels like she is not doing enough, but her mum~ Abigail encourages her not to give up

Aunty Chioma (Acted by Ngozi Ezeonu)is around. She has come to see her husband Godswill Obiagu. While dining on the table, Adaeze’s mum~Abigail and her aunty advice her in their dialect not to marry an irresponsible man and a man that neither his family nor him has money. However, her uncle~Godswill tells her not to heed to their advice in order not to run away from the market where men are available. Godswill however advices her to avoid men that love sagging. Meanwhile Chief Obiagu who doesn’t really accept his son’s music career attacks his son Obiora and asks what he wants to do with his life- career wise, knowing fully well that he is a musician. Obiora knowing where the discussion is heading to replies music and says nothing else. His father doesn’t see a future in the career and mocks him, but Obiora reminds him of the great legend’s song- Osadebe he keeps playing every morning to prove to him that there is a future in music career.

Taking stock of his life, Mr. Obiagu says most men invest their time in matters of transient value at the expense of what they should cherish like love, life, family. He tells Adaeze that she is a source of his pride and joy after waiting 8 years before her arrival.  He tells his daughter that he is confident in her ability. He says the biggest legacy he will live for posterity is Adaeze. He tells her that she is the pendulum of his life. He says if she stops swinging, he is gone. He tells her how proud he is of her.

While jogging, Adaeze eavesdrop on the conversation between a driver (Nani Boy) and passenger (Ngozi Okonkwo) of another transport company~Peace Transit. The passenger is unwilling to travel with Lionheart vehicles because of their high transport fare even though they would drop her off at her real bus stop.

At the office, Adaeze organises an impromptu meeting where they come up with different ideas of how to serve passengers better. They discuss the fare prices and the need to acquire small buses.

Alone in the hall, Adaeze ponders on what to do next. Mr. Godswill enters the hall and finds Adaeze unsettled. He brings up the issue of merging with Maikano motors up again, considering the limited time, Adaeze gives in. They both visit Chief Obiagu to discuss the idea with him. He initially disagrees as he feels Lionheart will go over, but when they convince him, he agrees reluctantly

While at the airport, Adaeze tries sending mails to Maikano company to fix an appointment. Hamza- Maikano junior is also at the airport with his father. He sights Godswill Obiagu and immediately identifies him as the man who had saved him from swindlers the other day at Arinze’s place. Maikano junior reintroduces himself and thanks him Godswill for saving him from swindlers the other day. Godswill introduces his niece~Adaeze and tells him that they are heading to Kano to strike a business deal with the owner of Maikano motors. Hamza reveals to them that he is the son of the owner of Maikano motors and that is dad sitting around the corner where they both intend to travel to Kano. This gladdens Adaeze and Uncle. They all travel to Kano.

At Kano, Nigeria, Godswill  spurs Adaeze to go see Maikano alone.  Adaeze convinces Maikano that with their capital and their technical know how, if they come together,  they will be a force to be reckoned with in the transportation business.  She says their companies share the same values.  Maikano is partly convinced. Adaeze and her uncle~ Godswill lodge into the guest house of the Mikanos as they are unable to fly back that same day.

In Enugu, Both Maikano and Chief Obiagu sit and discuss about merging their businesses together, they are yet to agree to the terms of merging. Meanwhile, Abigail Obiagu is not happy that they are to reach terms. She tells her daughter- Adaeze that her father is stubborn.  Maikano finds out that Obiagu can speak Hausa which  fosters smooth communication between them.  Adaeze and uncle are happy to see them smiling.

Lionheart board of directors are about to sell to Pascal Igwe when Obiagu, Godswill, Adaeze and the Mikanos enter the building. Obiagu and family introduce the newest shareholders of the company to the dismay of others; Alhaji Danladi Maikano and his son- Hamza.  Adaeze updates them on the new deal and says they still retain the control of Lionheart. She lets them know that it is a mutually beneficial merger which makes them explore and expand beyond the shores without buying small buses. This excites other board of directors but upsets Igwe Pascal. He leaves in anger and Samuel is fired. Obiagu reintroduces the new shareholders again and retires as the MD and CEO of the company and gives Adaeze the post.

At chief Obiagu’s retirement party, they all wine and dine as Obiora takes over the microphone singing melodious tunes



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Born in the 80’s, Ogefash picked up writing early in her secondary school days at International School, Lagos. She took it professionally after her university days at the University of Lagos where she graduated from the Department of Mass Communication. She is a writer of several short stories some of which have been published in the magazines. Some of her popular stories are: A Night to Remember, The Special Gift, Haunted, Preparing Ahead of Time amongst others. Her novel "Looming Danger" published in December 2015, was highly recommended by people. She has worked with several media outlets some of which are Spur Magazine and Upcoming Magazine. With her love for children, she took up the task of supervising and taking care of children at the After School Department of Heritage School before her resignation. Her unique strory telling and song teaching skills endeared her more to the kids she worked with. Oge is a goal getter, a pace setter and always strives for excellence. She likes to impact and solve problems in a creative way in a challenging position. She has in-depth knowledge in reporting and editing. She is a seasoned writer and very passionate about her work. Interestingly, her blog is the first in Nigeria to start reviewing Nigerian and foreign movies and also write the plots scene by scene. Ogefash blog is also the first to give a detailed analysis about music and artistes in Nigeria and abroad. Ogefash says "I don't keep male friends because they always want to have sex with me. I don't keep female friends because they are always bitchy and envious. I only keep people I can call more than a friend!" Ogefash has an affinity for TV reality shows. In 2018, she represented Nigeria in the PanAfrican TV reality game show "The Maltavator Challenge" powered by Nigeria's number one malt drink packed full of energy giving vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6;Malta Guinness. The show brought together four African countries Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia and Coted'ivoire who competed for the grand prize of 20,000 dollars. Undaunted by any task in her field, Oge is highly energetic and creative. She is a rare gem and a gift to this generation.

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