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YEAR: 2018


Rachael Chu (Acted by Consatance Wu) is a young economic professor deeply in love with Nick Young (Acted by Henry Golding) who unknown to her is from a very wealthy background in Singapore. She believes that Nick is in the average class and accepts him the way he is, but however she is left in doubt about his status when  one day Nick implores her to travel with him back to his home to attend  his best-friend and fiance’s- Collins and Araminta (Acted by Chris Pang and Sonoya Mizuno) wedding as well as meet his family. They do not only travel on a first class ticket but he is accorded immense respect.

Rachael on getting to Singapore battles not only with relatives of Nick who think she is a gold digger, or Nick’s ex who also want the humble bachelor back, but his mum- Eleanor (Acted by Michelle Yeoh) who feels Rachael is the reason his son-Nick doesn’t want to return home to Singapore to take over the family business. This makes her resent Rachael after meeting her coupled with the fact that she feels she is too ambitious.

Eleanor goes as far as digging deep into her background and what she discovers threatens the relationship Nick has with Rachael. Nick is torn between choosing his love- Rachael or his family/business. What would be his choice?

Find out below how the story unfolds…


It is the year 1995; the family of Young acquires a big property (An hotel) in London. They visit the hotel and demand that the front desk officers should show them to their room after a long flight. The front desk officers however refer them to another hotel with the excuse that there is no more space. The manager shows up and also reiterates what they said. He says they are fully booked and sarcastically advices them to explore China town oblivious that the Young already acquired the place. However, Eleanor Young accompanied with her family (Acted by Michelle Yeoh) go outdoors to put a call through to the custodian of the place after they refuse her from calling with the hotel phone. When they enter the hotel back, the manager- Rechinelles Oyest been threatens to call the police to arrest them. But the custodian shows up and announces to the manager and others that the family of Young is the new owner of the place as he and his family already sold ot to them.

IT IS 2018 NOW!

Rachel Chu (Acted by Constance Wu) is an Economics Professor at the New York University. While lecturing, she brings out a student and with the use of cards explains a particular topic for better understanding. After her lecture, her boyfriend Nick Young (Acted by Henry Golding) walks in.

While lunching at the Cafe, Nick Young seizes the opportunity to tell his Professor girlfriend- Rachel Chu about his best friend’s wedding- Collins Khoo (Acted by Chris Pang) to Araminta Lee (Acted by Sonoya Mizuno) coming up soon. He implores her to accompany him to the wedding as well as also meet all his family members. Rachel Chu agrees to it oblivious that Nick Young is actually from a very wealthy background. While Nick and Rachel are chatting, a gossiper- Radio one Asia also known as Celine (Acted by Constance Lau) sights Nick and immediately identifies him as the heir of the wealthiest family in Singapore. She sees his acquaintance with Rachel Chu and concludes that she is his girlfriend. She finds a way to stylishly snap them and upload on the internet.  She also adds that Nick will be bring Rachael to Collin’s wedding.  Few minutes later, the news is all over the world that Nick Young is dating Rachel Chu and the picture of the kiss they shared at the café also goes viral

Meanwhile, Eleanor Young (Acted by Michelle Yeoh), who is the mother of Nick and some women are studying the word of God when they also see the gist on Nick’s relationship with Rachel Chu of New York.  This worries Eleanor as she is not certain if Rachel is the lady her son-Nick wants to bring home as wife or just another girlfriend. She excuses herself from the women and goes to call his son who is still at the café with Rachel. She confirms from him if he is going to be bringing a woman to the wedding and he says yes. Nick is puzzled as to know how his mum was able to find out, but as soon as he sees Radio One Asia, he figures it out. Eleanor young tells her son- Nick that she looks forward to having him back at home even though she says she is fixing the house and it is not ready for guest when Nick tells her that he and Rachel will be staying in his room. Eleanor suggests to the son that Rachel should stay somewhere else, as she would be more comfortable there.

Rachel’s mum- Kerry Chu (Acted by Tan Kheng Hua) is picking some clothes for Rachel that will be suitable to meet her boyfriend’s family.  Rachel initially picks a blue and whie gown but her mum says it is best for Chinese funerals. After several searches, Kerry Chu finally picks a red gown for her as she says it symbolizes good fortune and fertility. Kerry tells her daughter-Rachel that she may actually come back home with a souvenir- Ring and Rachael tells her mum that she doesn’t know Nick’s family.  Rachel feels anxious about meeting Nick’s family because she hardly knows anything about them. Her mum pacifies her and tells her that he probably doesn’t want to say much about the family because he is embarrassed about their background or they are not too rich and he sends money to them often, oblivious that they are well endowed.

At the airport, Rachael is bemused that they are flying on First class instead of Economy as she feels neither she nor Nick can afford it. She asks Nick about it and he says his family has business with the airline and flying on first class is part of the business pack. Nick soon tells Rachael that they are wealthy but he doesn’t emphasize how wealthy they are. Rachael asks him to tell her about his family since she would be meeting them. Nick tells her about his cousins- Alistair Cheng (Acted by Remy Hii), Eddie Cheng (Acted by Ronny Chieng) and Astrid Young Teo (Acted by Gemma Chan). Alistair Cheng works in Taiwan in the movies. He  is dating an actress Kitty Pong (Acted by Fiona Xie) who people think she is a terrible actress but keeps getting  movie roles, since her rich boyfriend Alistair Cheng finances the movies. Eddie Cheng (Acted by Ronny Chieng) is a big finance guy in Hong Kong. Astrid Young (Acted by Gemma Chan) is a fashion Icon. She is down-to-earth and lovable. Nick says he is closer to her than his other cousins because she has the biggest hearts

Rachel asks Nick while they would be staying at the hotel after saying so much about his families, but he tells her that he just wants her to himself.

Nick and Rachael finally arrive Changi airport Singapore. His best friend and fiancé- Collins and Araminta welcome them to Singapore.  They stop by at the café to dine.  While Collins and Nick chat, Araminta and Rachael do the same. Araminta invites Rachael to her bachelor’s party and she agrees to be there. Araminta tells Rachael that Nick is extremely elated because she is in his life and also home with him though Rachael feels he is happy because he is home with people he has always known.

Astrid returns home and asks her maid (Junji Delfino)  if her husband Michael (Acted by Pierre Png) is already home. But the replies no and tells her that her son is awake and wants to see her. After Astrid finishes reading a storybook to her son, she and her husband- Michael who is now back home have a chat. Astrid reminds Michael about the wedding activities coming soon. She also tells him that she likes Nick’s girlfriend who would also be at the wedding. Michael feels the reason Astrid likes Rachael is only because she is a commoner like him although Astrid disapproves of his words. Moments later, Astrid gives him the wristwatch he bought for her and he thanks her for it.

Nick and Rachel wake up at the sound of the alarm. Rachel tells Nick that she would hook up with her long time friend- Peik Lin Goh (Acted by Akwafina) while Nick reminds her that she will be meeting with his family also.

Rachael finally hooks up with her college friend- Peik Lin Goh and she meets with her family as well. They talk at length while dining. Mr. Wye Mun Goh (Acted by Ken Jeong) thanks Rachael for helping Peik back in school days as he feels Peik would have been a mess without her. But Rachael instead tells Peik’s father that it is the other way round because she would have been a mess without Peik’s help. Mr.Goh compares the two friends and sees that she is better than his daughter in terms of achievement.  He attempts to match make his son P.T Goh (Acted by Calvin Wong) with Rachel but Peik tells her father that the reason she is in Singapore is because of her boyfriend. In their discussion, Rachael tells them the name of her boyfriend and this puzzles them. Peik and family make her realize how wealthy the family of Nick is. They let her know that the family of Young is the biggest developer in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and New Mexico. She is however indifferent. Peik Lin and family disapprove the outfit she intends to wear to the dinner party at Young’s place. Peik Lin finds Rachel a better cloth and shoes.

Peik Lin drives Rachael Chu down to the house of Nick Young and his family. They are both stunned by their magnificent building. When they arrive Nick’s place, Nick  welcomes them with joy. He invites Peik Lin for the dinner too and she willingly accepts after fronting. Peik Lin goes to her boot and retrieves  a cloth suitable for the occasion. On her way to the bathroom to change, she takes a whole lot of selfies while Nick locates his mum- Eleanor Young and introduces Rachael to her.  Eleanor apologizes to Rachael for her husband- Philip Young’s absence who has gone for a business meeting. Nick speaks well of his girlfriend- Rachael to his mum- Eleanor. He tells her that Rachael is a Professor of Economics and that she is the youngest faculty member in the University where she lectures. This makes Eleanor curious about Rachael’s family education background. She asks Rachael if her parents are academics like her and she replies no. She however tells the inquisitive woman that her dad died before she was born and her mum did not go to college.  Eleanor calls Rachael a self made woman and tells her that her mum would be proud of her. From Eleanor’s manner of conversation, Rachel tells Nick that his mother hates her.

Nick introduces Rachel to most of his family members. Some try to intimidate her in terms of class while some are very welcoming. Meanwhile, Astrid gets to find out that her husband Michael is having an affair after an erotic message enters his phone “The bed feels empty without you”

Rachel mistakenly spills her drink on Nick so he goes to change. Oliver T’sien (Acted by Nico Santos) keeps her company. Peik Lin soon joins both Oliver and Rachael and they chat away. As they walk around, Rachel notices that many people are staring awkwardly at her, so she tells Oliver who says they are only jealous of her.

Nick goes over to change in his room and his mum joins him shortly after. She finds him another shirt, they also discuss Rachel briefly. Eleanor doesn’t seem okay with Rachael. She says Rachael is a Chinese American and she feels pursuing one’s passion like Rachael is doing is so American. Nick however tells his mum that he still wants to figure some things out about her.

Nick introduces Rachael to his grandma- Ah Ma/Shang Su Yi (Acted by Lisa Lu). Rachael tells Ah MA that Nick tells her a lot about her dumplings. Grandma Ah Ma promises to teach her how to make them as well. Grandma tells Nick that he has become skinny and Nick says it is because he misses her food.

A family member tells Eleanor Young that her son- Nick is so different after coming back home. Eleanor replies her that children always forget who they are when they are away from home for long.

At Collin’s bachelor party, both Eddie and Alistair Cheng take a swipe at Nick for his choice of bride because Rachael is not as rich as them. Nick in anger tries to fight them but Collins calms him.

At Araminta Lee’s bachelorette party, Rachel meets Amanda Ling (Acted by Jing Lusi) oblivious that she is Nicks ex girlfriend. The ladies have immense fun as there are a whole lot of free expensive items for them such as clothes, accessories and so on. The other women except Rachael and Amanda rush to get the goodies. Although, Rachael picks only one dress, while Amanda pick jewelry for herself and Rachel.

Nick while with his friend Collin reveals to him that he is ready to propose to his girlfriend-Rachel, he shows him the ring. Collins is  wondering if it is possible for them to be together since Rachael loves her job in New York and would want to return to it while Collins is expected to stay back in Singapore since he is the shining heir to the Young conglomerate. Collins thinks he is walking away for his cousins Alistair and Eddie to take over his Family business, but Nick tells him that he is not walking away. Collins believes that everyday is going to be a struggle if he marries Rachael.

Collins fiancé- Araminta Lee  takes all the ladies to the spa. At the Spa, Amanda reveals to Rachael that he is Nick’s ex-girlfriend and that Nick’s family wanted both of them to marry. Amanda also tells Rachael that Nick is back in Singapore for good to take over the family business, but Rachael corrects her that they would be returning to New York after the wedding. Amanda keeps on telling Rachael about Nick and his family. She says he has a lot of pressure from his family- business wise and the woman to date. She commends Rachael for her guts. Rachael soon gets uncomfortable with their chat and the insults being passed across by other girls at the spar, so she leaves the place. On her way, she mistakenly bumps into Astrid not even aware that she is Astrid. Astrid identifies her immediately and calls her. They both go to Rachael’s room where they find a nasty message on her window “Catch this, you gold digging bitch” as well as with some blood stains of a smelling fish on the bed. The gory acts make Rachael scream. Astrid intends calling the security, but Rachael stops her from doing that as she says she wont make a scene. When outdoor, Astrid reveals to Rachael that her husband-Michael is cheating on her. Rachel calms her.

The bachelor party is over and Nick and Rachael are together. Rachael narrates her ordeal at the party to Nick. She tells him that Amanda says people see her as the evil person that is stopping Nick from returning to Singapore. She tells Nick that people think she is after the family fortune. She also tells him about the bloody fish stain the girls put on her bed. She tells Nick that she feels like a villain in a soap opera who is planning to steal his family fortune. Rachael is angry with Nick fo not telling her about his family. She feels he was testing her. He apologizes to her and says they would get through everything. Nick tells Rachael that he likes who he is when he is with her. He says she is different from other women he grew up with. Rachael however makes Nick know that she doesn’t care about his wealth.

Rachael and Nick’s family are making some dumplings and they reminisce on their growing up. Rachael admires Nick’s large family and their togetherness since she never had a large family she was close to except her mum. She commends them. Rachael admires Eleanor’s ring and she says her husband made it when he proposed to her. Rachael inquires from Eleaonr how they met but Nick replies her instead. Nick tells Rachel that her parents met at Cambridge while studying law together. But Eleanor instantly corrects  him and says she withdrew from the university when she married her husband because she wanted to help him run a business as well as raise a family. She tells Rachael that she sees it as a privilege even if she sees it as old fashion. She further tells Rachael that the togetherness that she admires about their family is because hey put family first instead of chasing one’s passion. There is quietness in the room.  Just then, Grandma Ah Ma comes around,  she is happy to see Rachael again, but she condemns Eleanor’s dumplings.

Eleanor stumbles on Rachel and tells her the full and true story behind the ring her husband made her. She says Ah Ma- her husband’s mother did not approve of their relationship because she was not her choice for her son- Philip Young. Eleanor says she and her family did not have the connection so Ah Ma turned her down and didn’t give her son- Philip the family ring so he had to make one for her.  It was years after that Ah Ma started blending with her. Having narrated her story, Eleanor tells Rachael that she would never be enough for her son- Nick.

While driving back to the hotel, Nick tells Rachael that he grew up with his grandma. He also notices her change of mood and ask if she is okay, but she replies yes not wanting to tell him what his mother had said.

Rachel and her college friend- Peik Lin hook up and she narrates her experience with Nick’s mother Eleanor. Rachael tells Peik Lin that she would tell Nick that she has stomach upset so she won’t attend the wedding. Peik Lin feels she is scared, so she tells her not to be scared of Nick’s family but stand up to whatever they throw her way. She advices her to get Eleanor not just to like her but to respect her  as a self confident professor and super sophisticated professor of game theory.  Rachael makes up her mind to swerve like a chicken if Eleanor and her family attacks her again but to stand up to them.

Peik Lin and Oliver styles Rachel for the wedding after which they all head for the wedding.

Astrid and her husband- Michael are on their way to the wedding. He talks non-stop about his business trips. One of his trips happen to be on his son’s birthday- Cassain (Acted by Joe Ong) which he says he would miss. Astrid finally reveals to Michael that she knows he is having an affair. Astrid says they would talk more about it after the wedding rather than create a scene. Meanwhile, Michael says he is tired of trying to measure up to his family. Michael exits the car afterwards.

Rachael locates Nick’s family and moves close to greet them. Eleanor tells Rachael that the row they would be sitting is already full. Rachael sights Princess Intan (Acted by Kris Aquino) who has a row to herself  and approaches her. She praises Princess Intan’s articles in the great economic journal. Princess Intan tells Rachael that she received a lot of criticism on the last article she had written.  Rachael however feels the critics missed the real point in her article.

Araminta and Collins have finally being joined while people dance non-stop at the wedding. Meanwhile, Eleanor and Ah Ma calls Nick and Rachael aside to expose their findings about Rachael. Eleanor accuses Rachael of lying to them about her father. She says findings reveal that her mum- Kerry Chu committed adultery while married to her husband. She says Rachael is an offspring of an adulterous act which made her mum run to America with her. Nick is upset with his family for prying on Rachael’s background but Eleanor tells him they can’t be linked to Rachael’s family as it would be a big scandal for their family. In anger, Rachael says she doesn’t want any part of their family and leaves afterwards. As she storms out of the place, Eddie mocks her as the Cinderella who wants to change her dress before midnight.  Meanwhile, Nick runs after her even though Eleanor and Ah Ma warns him against doing that.

Rachael finds her way back to Peik Lin’s family house. She stays in the room never leaving the place except having her shower. The twins bring breakfast for her. When Nick calls her, but she cuts the call.

Nick calls Rachael’s mum and tells him what is happening. Nick implores her to come around.

Rachael’s mum- Kerry Chu comes to visit her at Peik Lin’s house. She asks her mum why she lied about her father and she explains that her husband was a terrible person, so she fell in love and got pregnant for someone else. She had to run to America so that her husband doesn’t kill them both.  After narrating the circumstances surrounding her birth to her daughter, Kerry Chu implores Rachael to see Nick before they return to New York, letting her daughter know that Nick was the one who talked her into coming.

Rachel and Nick hook up where he first apologizes for all his family had done as well as  propose to her. He vows to start a new life with her at New York but she turns down his proposal.

Rachel arranges to meet with Eleanor at a certain place where they play mahjong game. Rachael asks Eleanor why she doesn’t like her and she says she wants their kind of people. Rachael however feels it is because she is not rich enough or did not go to a British boarding school or was not born into a wealthy family. Eleanor calls Rachael foreign and says all Americans think about is their own happiness. Rachel is worried that Eleanor is not concerned about Nick’s happiness but she replies that it is an illusion, that they had rather build something that lasts. Rachael tells her that Nick proposed to her but she turned him down, because if she says yes, he will lose his family. But then, Rachael lets Eleanor know that her saying no to the proposal may also make Nick resent her. Moments after, Rachael leaves the place with her mum.

Astrid lets go of the apartment they live in for Michael. She says he will only see their son when it is good for him. Feeling guilty, Michael says he tried to make things work between them but her family and their wealth keeps standing in the way. Astrid however feels her family’s wealth is not the issue but his cowardice act is.  She says she can’t make him something he is not and she leaves afterwards

Peik and family bade Rachael and mum goodbye. She commends her for keeping her integrity even though she says she has no connection again. Meanwhile, Eleanor goes to visit her son- Nick and she finally gives approval. Nick goes to the airport to find Rachael and mum- Kerry Chu who are about to travel back to New York City. He finds them and instantly proposes to Rachael again, but this time with Eleanor’s ring which signifies her acceptance. She is elated and accepts to marry Nick. They both return to the party of Collins and Araminta and everybody welcomes her back. She sights Eleanor and she nods her approval.



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