Try calling that name “Jackie” “Appiah”, hmmm, you can feel the physical force employed in calling that name; you need a lot of power to actually voice out her name…

Our celebrity focus is one of Ghanaian’s classy actresses. She is as powerful as the power used in calling her name.

The English Dictionary defines “Jackie” as diminutive; but we say the dynamic actress is far from being diminutive. She is well endowed not only in wealth, but in beauty and knowledge.  Her intense knowledge about the movie industry and the ability to interpret all roles properly has overtime stood her out among her colleagues. There is never a role that is challenging to Jackie Appiah as she challenges them; just say all scripts are like piece of cake for the “screen goddess”. She is indeed a great force to reckon with in the entertainment industry.

Jackie Appiah is her birth name just like her millions of fans call her. She is a Ghanaian born in Canada on the 5th of December, 1983 to Mr. and Mrs. Appiah. The Sagittarius lady would clock 36 this 2019. Jackie and her mother left Canada at the age of 10.

She is one actress you don’t want to miss the beginning of her films or any scene because it would seem like you have missed the entire movie. There is no movie that she features in that wont glue viewers to their seat. She brings real drama and action into any script given to her from beginning to the end. She makes a boring script come alive. She is one actress that fans are gladdened to see on their screen. Her presence on screen commands attention. People look forward to watching her movies.

Jackie started utilizing her acting skills in the church. Her acting skills was further utilized when she acted as “Enyoman Blagogee” in the TV Series titled “Things we do for love” She has since then been acting and has acted in over 100 movies both in Ghana and Nigeria.



Beyonce – The President’s daughter, The return of Beyonce, Princess Tyra, Passion of the soul,  Virginity, Her Excellency, Pretty queen, The Prince’s bride, The king is mine, The perfect picture, Blind lust, Black soul,  Against my will, Bitter blessing (Alongside Nollywood actor Ramsey Noah) My Last Wedding (Alongside Nollywood actor Emeka Ike), Grooms bride, Heart of men,  Career woman (Alongside Nollywood actor Fredrick Leonard) Barrister Anita (Alongside Nollywood actor Fredrick Leonard), 100 percent secret, More than a secret, Excess money, The forbidden fruit, Deadly assignment, Blindfold, Golden stool, Celebrity marriage, Before my eyes, Divine love, The heart of men, The power of a woman, Run baby run, Mummy’s daughter, The love doctor, Royal battle, Chasing hope, Fake feelings, Wind of love, Total love, Mortal desire, Spirit of a dancer, Passion lady, Love games, Tears of womanhood, A Cry for Justice, Death after birth, Turning point, Wrath of a woman, Royal honour, Royal kidnap, End of Royal kidnap, Eye of the gods, Cold heart, Golden heart, Cheaters, Sisters at war, Before my wedding…


2007 3rd Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) for best supporting actress (Beyonce- The president’s daughter)

2010 6th Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) best leading actress (The perfect picture)

2010 Ghana Movie Awards best actress (4 plays)

2010 City people entertainment awards for best Ghanaian actress

2011 Nigerian Entertainment Awards for Pan African Actress of the year

2012 African women of worth awards for best actress

2013 Papyrus Magazine Screen Actors Awards (PAMSAA) for best international actress

2013 African Magic viewers’ choice awards for best actress in drama (The perfect picture)


Jackie Appiah has a foundation “Jackie Appiah Foundation.” She was once married to Ghanaian Peter Agyeman. They have since gone their separate ways though their union produced an offspring- Damien Agyeman.

Ogefash Blog presents to you “Jackie Appiah” our celebrity focus for the month of January, 2019.


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REFERENCE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jackie_Appiah

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