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“Copy copy” that was the exact word a non-Glo sim-card-user but an Airtel-sim-card-user said when I was outdoor planning on reviewing the advert. So I asked him how/why he feels they copied and this conversation ensued

Mr.Lekan: Copy copy;   Me: So who did they copy na?

Mr.Lekan: Airtel now;  Me: How?

Mr.Lekan: They are doing the same “rival” thing…

Me: But “rival” is just a theme, the way they used it is  different

Mr.Lekan: What about this particular advert? (Referring to the one I was reviewing) Airtel also used a party setting for their advert

Me: Yes, they did but it was not a wedding but a naming ceremony

Mr.Lekan: I still feel they copied Airtel

Then suddenly someone from behind joins the conversation

Mr.Gbenga: Iro ni jo (Meaning it is a lie) They did not copy any Airtel advert and this one is even better than Airtel’s advert. Glo even has more celebrities as ambassadors than Airtel. They have really helped the entertainment industry…

So now, I am asking ya all, is this Glo advert or any of the Glo advert copied from any Airtel’s advert, most especially “The-in-laws”? Kindly let us know

Moving on, so I noticed Sola Sobowale practically yelled from the beginning of the advert to the end of the advert; I am sure her voice go don suffer after the advert shoot. Okay, no problem, continue!

So, this advert is a sequel to the one reviewed on Ogefash blog last week. Last week’s own which is thw part 1, the two women were in their various shops with their daughters while in the part 2, they attended the same wedding ceremony with their daughters.

This advert features all those in the Part one- Sola Sobowale (Aka Toyin Tomato), Toyin Abraham, Patience Ozokwo (Aka Mama G), Sunday Omobolanle (Aka Papi Aluwe), Uche Nwaefuna and included new celebrities like Van Vicker, Mama Kofo, Bisola Badmus and music legend- King Sunny Ade. At least, in this advert, they were identified with a reasonable name even if it is their real name unlike the part 1



Female trader B and daughter (Acted by Patience Ozokwo and Uche Nwaefuna) as well as Female trader A and daughter (Acted by Sola Sobowale and Toyin Abraham) are on their way to the same function. There is traffic and both get stuck on the road. Female trader A’s daughter uses the map on her phone as well as sufficient “Glo Oga Sim” data to preview the route. She is able to tell that the traffic will soon clear. She relays the information to her mum who is eager to get to the venue of the party.  Moment later, trader A sights trader B’s car next to her car and tells her driver to horn in order to attack her verbally. Immediately female trader B sights her, she calls her a bush woman and then wind down the car window to hear what she has to say. View their dialogue below

Female trader A: Madam Kobo Kobo, whose motor did you borrow?

Female trader B: See this one. Shut up!

Female trader A: Shut up!

Female trader B: Onye ara (Mad woman) You have carried your battalion to come and finish our food at the party

Female trader A: Borrow borrow!

Female trader A’s daughter: Mummy let us get there before them.

Female trader A: Driver!

Driver: Ma!

Female trader A: Shortcut

Driver: Okay


Female trader B and her daughter arrive the party before female trader A, her daughter and friend (Acted by Bisola Badmus) They meet other big personalities like Van Vicker, Madam Kofo and Music legend King Sunny Ade at the venue. Meanwhile, Sunday Omobolanle aka Papi ALuwe is also already at the venue. They all take selfies and Uche posts on Instaglo.

Meanwhile, female trader A, daughter and friend have missed the way to the party. They are unable to get the address of the party. They ask for directions from a pedestrian who gives them a wrong direction. Female trader A’s daughter sees a picture of female trader B and daughter having fun on the internet. She is shocked that they are already at the venue of the party.

Female trader B and daughter are still having fun and snapping selfies. This time female trader A snaps with popular music legend Sunny Ade alone and her daughter  posts the picture on Istaglo. Female trader A’s daughter sees another picture of their rival having fun at the party as well as the picture with the music legend. She shows her mum the pictures this time and her mum yells. She hurries the driver but their car develops fault, which further delays them.

Female trader A’s daughter and friend try pushing the car but in the process, female trader A’s cloth gets soiled.

Finally, female trader A, daughter and friend are finally at the venue. Female trader B makes jest of them and tells them that food has finished but there is still small chops. Female trader A infuriated that she already missed a lot tries to fight female trader B, but her daughter, friend and driver hold her back. Female trader B then tells her that with “Glo Oga Sim” she would always be ahead.



With Glo Oga Sim enjoy 125%  more data to get ahead. Glo Oga Sim, post more, browse more, live more, dial *777# to choose your plan. The largest data network; fastest and most affordable. Glo, grandmasters of data


With “GlO OGA SIM,” you are sure to get more data, as in 125% bonus 0r 25% bonus depending on your stand.  The 125 % bonus is only applicable to new customers or those that have not used their sim in the past 3 months. While the 25% is applicable to the already existing customers who renew at the exact expiration of their data.

Example 1: FOR 1000 NAIRA DATA PLAN

An existing customer would get only 1.6GB data if the customer does not renew immediately, but if the customer renews his or her subscription immediately, the person would get 25% bonus which is equivalent to 1.8GB. While, those on Oga Sim would get 125% bonus which is equivalent to 3.6GB

Example 2: FOR 2000 NAIRA DATA PLAN

An existing customer would get only 3.65GB data if the customer does not renew immediately, but if the customer renews his or her subscription immediately, the person would get 25% bonus which is equivalent to 4.5GB. While, those on Oga Sim would get 125% bonus which is equivalent to 8.2GB


Plan Name Price (N) Base Plan Volume Data Volume with Bonus on base plans Validity
Existing Customers (up to 25% bonus) Oga SIM (125% bonus)
N100 Data Plan 100 80MB 92MB 180MB 1 Day
N200 Data Plan 200 210MB 242MB 472MB 5 Days
N500 Data Plan 500 800MB 920MB 1.8GB 14 Days
N1,000 Data Plan 1,000 1.6GB 1.8GB 3.6GB 30 Days
N2,000 Data Plan 2,000 3.65GB 4.5GB 8.2GB
N2,500 Data Plan 2,500 5.75GB 7.2GB 12.9GB
N3,000 Data Plan 3,000 7GB 8.75GB 15.7GB
N4,000 Data Plan 4,000 10GB 12.5GB 22.5GB
N5,000 Data Plan 5,000 12.5GB 15.6GB 28.1GB
N8,000 Data Plan 8,000 20GB 25GB 45GB
N10,000 Data Plan 10,000 26GB 32.5GB 58.5GB
N15,000 Data Plan 15,000 42GB 52.5GB 94.5GB
N18,000 Data Plan 18,000 50GB 62.5GB 112.5GB
N20,000 Data Plan 20,000 63GB 78.75GB 141.7GB

(Data plan information gotten from Glo’s website)



Female trader A and family as well Female trader B and family are both going for the same occasion; a wedding party. They stumble on each other and again attack each other verbally. The family of female trader A tries to get there before them but they do not succeed as they miss the direction. But female trader B and family get there first because they have sufficient data which they used to preview the route to the place as well as avoiding a traffic route. At the party, they catch immense fun and post pictures of everything happening there. When female trader A and family sees the pictures they are pained. When they finally reach the venue of the party, female trader A tries  to fight them, but her daughter, friend and driver hold her back.


Okay, it is a wedding ceremony; thank God the bride and groom are not missing, even if the camera doesn’t focus on them. Ah! Awon dancers ma wa ni wedding ye ke (There are dancers at the wedding too); that is nice. Mo ma ri awon drummers no (I can see the drummers too); interesting!

Even decorations ka kiri (Decorations everywhere)

Ati food repete (And plenty food), even though it is only on one table; the table of the celebrities. Anyway, such happens in a wedding, not all guests are served on time. My point exactly, the whole place has the setting of a wedding; that is how meant it is meant to be. Kudos to Glo on that, not like one MTN Traditional advert I watched (View here @ and there was nothing, not a single gift or any item to show it was a traditional wedding; omashe)

Moving on, but wait o, what did Toying Abraham say to Sola Sobowale in the part 1 of this advert? I thought she promised her mother to buy a Glo Oga Sim? Clearly she has not, if so, why are both of them still fumbling.

But I love the advert. The casts were very expressive as usual and interpreted their roles well. Female trader A (Patience ozokwo) was the major foucus of the advert. Thank God she did not repeat that boring statement she made in the part 1 “If you no get money, hide your facebook (Ko ni meaning mhen)” Bisola Badmus was kind of feeling left out.

I love their outfit; they were all looking so gorgeous. They made the advert look so real. I can see the likes on the posted pictures.  Also, I saw the soiled part of Sola Sobowale’s cloth. And those two ladies, they  just had to take off their shoes. Lastly, for that pedestrian, I knoew he was giving them a very correct-wrong direction.


Very Lovely! Beatiful laces. I must say. More pleasing to the eyes than the Ankara some of them wore.


Instrumentals; fair enough


  • Was Van Vicker’s appearance in the advert a last minute decision because he was the only one wearing something different
  • So for how long are new customers going to enjoy the 125% bonus



REMARK: Terrific advert!



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