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That moment the criminal you want to kill by firing squad disappears when he is not “Jesus Christ- the Messiah” What would you just do?

The 2015 movie “Oyenusi” was about a man named the title of the movie as well Oyenusi (Acted by Odunlade Adekola). He was a medical doctor but a notorious criminal also. He had powers which where given to him by his foster father- (Dele Odule)

Oyenusi’s father and mother when he was a teenager were not his biological parents but they adopted and took care of him like their own son.

Oyenusi did not suddenly start stealing. His greed made him inherit the curse of stealing non-stop. On the day his father had prepared a mixture to heal a chronic thief, he ate it up and the curse transferred on his head. Ever since then, he went about stealing. However, his parents did not give up on him, they went ahead to give him the best education.

Oyenusi read medicine and soon became a terrific doctor using his powers to also do miracles. One day, he handled a spiritual case that was beyond him so he had to leave the job to save his life. His colleague JB (Muyiwa Ademola) realized he had great powers and advised him that they should use it to rob people. So that was how Oyenusi became an indoor criminal to an outdoor criminal; a notorious criminal.

Oyenusi was fearless. He feared no child, adult, workers, non-workers, even the uniformed men. He was the only horrible criminal that dared to rob people in the presence of the police. The only notorious criminal that dared the police to shoot him. The only criminal that dared to enter the police station even with his squad. The only criminal that dared to free prisoners and imprisoned the police men. The only criminal that dared to take items forcefully and no one dared to question him. The only criminal police men bow down to or run away from at the sound of his name. Even when the police point guns at him, they just can’t shoot. He was a man with in-explainable voodoos. He even sought more powers else where and killed his father. He swallowed a tortoise, snail and catfish; all were living in him and made him extremely powerful.

One day however, his cup became full and there was no more escape for him and his powerful squad. Some people neutralized his power. They poured water mixed with locus beans on those animals he swallowed after removing them from his body. Later on, they got ashes and sprinkled on him to neutralize his power completely

You want to find out who subdued him? View below




Some over interesting scenes

• Where he disappeared when they wanted to kill him (Part 1)
• When he delivered the child they tied in his mother’s tummy (Part 1)
• He took over people’s cars, lands and property without fear (Pt 1) @ 49 minutes)
• When he made the bible go up (Part 1)
• When he disappeared when they wanted to kill him by firing squad
• He was killed and buried but he resurrected hours later
• The scene where two girls came to visit him and ordered for fried rice and eba. He went to the kitchen, set the plates and made the food they requested for appear in the plates (Part 2)

• Where he drove all the cars of chief out of his office (Part 2)
• In part 3 where JB disguised as a palm wine seller. In the part 3 where both Oyenusi and JB were charged to court and asked for red wine and cigarette before answering the judge. They were given some minutes to do that. When they were outdoor, they did some voodoos and the wine and cigar appeared in their pocket. In the part 3 where the judge was using charm, Bible and Quran
• In the court where Oyenusi ordered a police man to give him his gun to kill a lady, he used his voodoos and collected the gun from the police man right inside the court.

Odunlade Adekola (OYENUSI) , Muyiwa Ademola (JBOY, JIBOYE), Adebayo Faleti, Kola Olaiya, Aina Gold, Dele Odule (Fajere), Joke Muyiwa (Nusi), Kemi Afolabi (Rinsola) , Taiwo Ibikunle, lateef titilope, kola ajiyemi, kola olaiya, ronke Adeniyi, Abiodun lawal, Oluwole Ojo

Produced by Sharafadeen Olabode
Story by Sharafadeen Olabode
Screenplay by Sharafadeen Olabode, Kikelomo Jaiyeola
Directed by
Olasco films 2015


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