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This Pepsi advert is misleading and should be stopped.

In the advert done by two males, male A asked male B to spell December, and this was how he spelt it…


Listen to it here

I have been listening to the advert for weeks hoping for a continuation where they will put in the correct spelling, but none so far, which is not too good.

The reason I said this advert is misleading is because whenever it is aired children are either on their way to school or home which automatically enters their ears.

Children especially those in the Nursery class and lower primary would pick up this spelling thinking it is the right way to spell December.

Those struggling with spelling words correctly would also memorize this spelling. So how exactly does this help the #NigerIan Education System? How does this help the #World Education System?

Rada Rada in the name of doing funny or entertaining advert; this is sure not the way to go about it.

Pepsi should do the right thing please. If there is a continuation, the male A should correct male B and say “Abi, it is spelt like this D~E~C~E~M~B~E~R”

It doesn’t even make sense because “DECEMBER” has 8 letters likewise “DISEMBAA”

By the way I love the beat, and it also flows perfectly well with the correct spelling of DECEMBER; I am sure you just tried it out now~#Winks

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#MerryXmasinadvance #from us @ #OgefashBlog. We love you #Always.

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