So the “Blessings on me” singer~ Hanniel Ayoleyi Solomon (H.A.S) popularly called Reekado banks recently celebrated his birthday, yesterday precisely and his families baked 25 cakes for him.

I am cool with the cakes that have the letters R~E~E~K~A~D~O B~A~N~K~S (12 Letters), but the cakes with the letters H~A~P~P~Y B~I~R~T~H~D~A~Y (13 letters), was it really necessary, that is being creatively extravagant. Or better still, they should have just used some other letters~may be all his other names instead of the “happy birthday” #winks

I don’t even know what I am saying again self…

Wait O, except he just clocked 25? Hold up a minute let me ask Wikipedia

Of course, I thought as much, he is 25years old. He was born 6th December, 1993.

So 25 cakes justified; so he was probably not extravagant…I dont know joor, but who go chop the 25 cakes? Na people na…

Happy birthday Reekado Banks!

More blessings on U!

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