Lol, this Amaka’s mother-in-law just had to do this…

As in resending the WhatsApp message to Amaka who was right in front of her so she could see that she was yet to purchase all the items she asked her to; kikikiki.

Well, I know they just wanted to make people laugh and they might have succeeded in doing that.

This is the continuation of the Airtel series titled “Mother-in-law”, njoyyy!


It is another working day of the week, Amaka (Benita Essien) awakes to the cry of her baby, she dashes to her baby’s room to go cuddle him/her but stops mid-way when she sights her mother-in-law (Idowu Philips aka Mama Rainbow) in the kitchen with the baby at her back. She kneels to thank her mother-in-law in Yoruba “Ese Ma” meaning “Thank you” Ma (Nawa o, the mother-in-law self no reply or nod to show acceptance. May be it is because Amaka forgot to greet her “Ecaro” or “Good morning”)

Next scene, Amaka is all dressed and set for work. She pecks her baby who is now sleeping soundly on grandmas back before leaving for work. Meanwhile, her mother-in-law hands her food flask to her. Amaka thanks her mother-in-law and leaves for work afterwards.

Amaka’s mother-in-law is home alone with her grandchild, she notices that most of the items for the kitchen and otherwise are almost finished, so she sends a list of items for Amaka to buy while returning from work through WhatsApp oblivious that Amaka is offline.

Amaka returns from work panting and tired. She is even carrying stacks of files from the office that she intends to work on at the house. At the front door, she is automatically connected to Wifi. This enables all her messages to enter when she was offline. One of the messages that entered includes her mother-in-law’s WhatsApp messages on the sundry of things she should buy when returning from work. Immediately she sees the list, she drops the folders on the floor and dashes to the market to purchase them. The mother in law suspecting Amaka is back from work, goes to get the door for her. However, she sees no one but Amaka’s files.

Amaka returns from the market with most of the items already bought excluding “Ori” as in Shea butter. The mother in law asks her where it is and Amaka is puzzled that she missed out that item. The mother-in-law not satisfied with her, re-sends it again to her via her WhatsApp, tired Amaka is wordless. (This may mean that Amaka may need to return to the market again to buy the Shea butter; eyah, pele, that is the consequences of not being connected.)


Airtel has various bundles at different friendly rates, so, no need to put off your data. Or better still don’t limit your internet connection to only one area, stay connected always.

Stray connected to the internet in order not to miss out vital information at the needed time, else you may need to play catch-up and be thrown off guard like Amaka was. Which one is better? Trust me, it is staying connected always!


Mama Segun aka Amaka’s mother is doing “Omugwo” like the Igbos call it or “Olojo Omo” like the Yorubas call it. It is a period of time when the mother of the couple (either from the male or female side) move in with the couple to help take care of their new born baby as well as help out in the chores.

So, Mama Segun indeed helps in taking care of the baby and preparing meal. While doing that, she notices that some of the necessary items in the house like Spaghetti, Wheat, Salt, Oats, oil, laundry soap, Shea Butter have almost finished, so she sends a list of items via WhatsApp for her daughter-in-law Amaka to purchase while returning from work. Amaka who is offline is unable to get the message while at work. However, on getting to the front door of her apartment, she is automatically connected to wifi and all the messages enter. She is left with no choice than to hurry to the market to buy those items, even though she missed out one item again.


It seems like a rushing day for “Iyawo Segun”, that is Amaka. From the beginning to the end of the advert she hardly had any time for herself. She did all hurriedly, pointing out how tedious it can be to be both a working class lady and a nursing mother.  She was even panting. She really interpreted her role well.

So, I am wondering why Amaka did not see the Shea butter, because when the last item entered her phone, she was still looking at her phone. Even while going down the stairs, she was still looking at the message, so how come she missed out the Shea butter? Perhaps, that is the way the advert is scripted to show that when you are already thrown off guard you may not be able to comprehend things easily even if your eyes are so fixed in it; Amaka indeed was already thrown off guard

But how come the mother-in-law the notice all those items were about to finish when she made breakfast? Abi na pap and akara dey the food flask Amaka carry go work ni? All join, na food, but if it is not pap and akara, then Mama Segun’s expression doesn’t match the scene. As in Mama Segun’s expression was like someone just noticing those items for the first time. So, she did not use salt to cook or what? Even if she cooked only rice, she must have used salt which she brought out from the cupboard where other items were also situated. She should have just told Amaka that she would be sending her a list of items to buy via her WhatsApp.

Finally, is that black out a way to show that it is already later in the day? Well that did not go down well, it looked like power failure. They should have just displayed on the screen, later in the day. Even if they had not done that, Amaka returning with those files automatically explains that she already closed from work. Even the way she was panting self…


  • Why this black out at the 8 seconds of the video, they should have edited it.
  • Is the wifi supposed to extend to her office area or what? Or are they telling us that aside the home modem, she should also have one in the office? Okay o!
  • What happened to greetings like Ecaro Mama or Good morning Mummy @Amaka? I know people will say it skipped her mind because her heart was drawn to her child…Okay O!
  • The mother-in-law already prepared breakfast, did she not know that most of those items were almost inished? Why did she not hint Amaka that she would be sending a message to her via watsapp? Or did she buy the food for her?
  • When wearing clothes with a slit, people should always ensure that their undies are not longer than the slit@ Amaka. Well, kind of guilty of that once in a while…
  • Is Airtel scared of spelling Shea butter, why dem no show us? Even me self no know how dem dey spell am…#Winks
  • By the way, that Amaka’s baby was crying like…(Hmmm, you too like gist, I was just pulling your leg) However, the cry is like an electronically generated one.


REMARK: Terrific advert concept though! This mother-in-law self no dey smile with the daughter-in-law. I thought the rival was just between her and Amaka’s mother (Ngozi Nwosu)?


Ngosi Nwosu (follow on IG @officialngozinwoau) acted as Mama Amaka. She is the slay mama and her data profile is ‘pepper them’

Idowu Philips ((follow on IG @idowuphilips) aka Iya Ranbow acted as Mama Segun. She is a prayer warrior and her data profile is ‘Whatsapp queen’

Benita Essien (follow on IG @ bennyessien)acted as Amaka. She is married to a Yoruba man. She is Segun’s wife. She is Mrs Perfect. She is slayer on the low key and her data profile is ‘Only when necessary’

Lateef Adedimeji (follow on IG @adedimejilateef) acted as Segun. He is married to an Igbo girl. He is Amaka’s husband. He is Mr 2Go Guy, uncle Surulere and the provider of all


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