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The movie “Proud Mary” tells the story of a professional female assassin~ Mary (Taraji P Henson) drawn to a teenage boy called  Danny (Jahi Di’Allo Winston) after killing his father Miller (James Milord) who owed her boss- Benny (Danny Glover) a 100, 000 dollars

After killing Danny’s father, Mary thereafter trails him to ensure his safety. One day, his safety becomes shaky and Mary decides to take a risk to save Danny even if it means wiping out her entire team members and losing her life in the process.

Find out how the film unfolds in the plot


Mary (Taraji P Henson) a professional assassin, invades her target’s home Miller (James Milord) and kills him. However, Mary spares the life of Miller’s son- Danny (Jahi Di’Allo Winston) who is playing a video game and he is oblivious of the attack. Mary leaves the apartment afterwards taking along with her Danny’s picture.

A year later, Danny is seen working for a drug dealer- Uncle (Xander Berkerly) while Mary is keeping tabs on him. Oneday, Uncle sends Danny to Jerome (Owen Burke) to deliver some drugs in exchange for money, Jerome tries to play a fast one on him, but Danny threatens him with a gun. Jerome directs Danny to the refrigerator to take his complete money which he does. Meanwhile, Danny is hungry, so, on his way home, he takes out of Uncle’s money to buy food. On getting to the house, Uncle first of all notices that Danny has some crumbs on his cloth and accuses Danny of stealing his money since he did not give him food money. Danny explains that he used part of the money Jerome gave to him for him. Uncle hits Danny so hard and he falls to the floor bleeding.

Danny leaves Uncle’s presence. While trying to sleep on a bench, he tries to use his bag as a pillow, but a thief snatches the bag. Danny chases the thief into an alley and orders him to stop but he doesn’t. He pulls out his gun and fires a shot in the air which makes the thief drop his bag. When Danny gets to where the thief had dropped his bag, he tries to pick it but he passes out. Mary who has been trailing him finds him and carries him to her apartment.

Danny wakes up and finds himself in an unfamiliar apartment. He sights Mary and at first is uncomfortable around her, so he tries to rush back to Back Bay. Mary introduces herself to him and asks him questions about what is in Back Bay, but Danny is not comfortable still with her questions as he thinks she is a police. Mary gives Danny some food and he feasts hurriedly. She assures him that he is safe with her and vows to take him to Back Bay. Mary tells Danny the content of his bag and asks him to tell her the name of the person that owns the bag, even though she already knows it is for Uncle. But Danny won’t divulge his name as he tells Mary that the person would kill him and then kill Mary if he tells. After Danny finishes eating, Mary cleans up his wound. She also notices that Danny has blood stains all over his T~shirt. Danny pulls it off automatically revealing the cane marks on his back inflicted by Uncle. Mary is able to tell that Uncle is behind it. In anger, Mary storms Uncle’s place to return his bag as well as tell him to release Danny to her. Uncle is irritated by her nerves and tells her that it is because she works with Benny and is seen as his special girl that she is shooting her moth off like a parrot with tits. Uncle asks Mary to return Danny and vows to sell him to her years later if Danny is still alive but Mary replies “You mean if you are still alive.” Sensing danger, Uncle and his men try attacking Mary but she kills them all including Uncle.

Mary is set to go to her Boss-Benny’s (Danny Glover) place. She tells Danny to feel at home but forbids him from entering her room. Danny is aghast that she so much trusts him and wants to leave a total stranger like him at her place when he can actually just rob him. But Mary tells him that he can’t rob her.

At Benny’s place, Tom (Billy Brown) who is Billy’s son and Mary’s ex lover tells Mary about Uncle’s death. He tells her that Luka (Rade Serbedzija ) a relative of Uncle who also is a leader of another notorious gang called “Kozlovs” suspects their team of being behind Uncle’s death. Mary is initially apprehensive as she doesn’t know if Tom or any other person knows she is behind Uncle’s death.

Benny and his team members are all gathered discussing Uncle’s death. Benny says the “Kozlovs” believe they killed Uncle in order to take over Uncle’s territory. Meanwhile, Walter (Mc Donough) supports the person behind Uncle’s death even though he did not kill him. Tom advises that they act fast before the Koslovs retaliate on behalf of Uncle and then kill them all. Benny tells his son- Tom to prepare a meeting for the next day with the Kozlovs. Meanwhile, Danny disobeys Mary’s orders and enters her room. He opens her closet and he is aghast when he finds lots of guns.

The next morning, Mary scolds Danny for going through her stuffs in her room. Danny asks her why she has a lot of guns but Mary ignores his question. She warns him not to enter her room again and tells him never to disobey her orders as well. As she steps out, she instructs him not to open the door for anyone.

Benny and his team members meet with Luka to discuss the next move concerning Uncle’s death. Luka says he suspects Walter (Neal Mc Donough) since they have never been in good terms before. Benny again assures Luka that if one of his team members is behind it, the person would be dealt with immediately since he did not consent to it. Luka demands the west End territory from Benny as reparation. Tom thinks he is out of his mind for demanding their territory but his father raises a hand telling him it is okay. Benny promises to consider Luka’s wish.

Back at Benny’s place after the meeting, Mary strongly accuses Walter of being behind Uncle’s death since they don’t like each other. Tom doesn’t think Walter can do so, but Benny believes Mary and says Walter is arrogant and can do things without his consent. Benny orders Mary to kill Walter.

Mary takes a walk with Danny towards the axis Walter always jogs everyday at about 3pm in order to monitor his movement. She sees that he truly jogs every 3pm. Moments later, Danny asks Mary again why she has got a lot of guns in her room and she tells him it is for security. He also asks Mary about the cash in her room but she tells him to mind his business. Danny tells her that Uncle’s men would be looking for him. She wears his hood for him and vows to protect him. She buys hot dog for him and from his manner of utterance, Mary says she would really work on the way he talks.

Both Mary and Danny go to the water side. Mary tells him that she loves to stay there any time she wants to escape and just wants some time to herself. Danny also tells her that before his mum abandoned him, she used to bring him to the place. Oblivious that Mary is behind his father’s death, he tells Mary that after his father was killed, he went to live with his grandma who died too.  In order to avoid staying under child services care, Danny says he ran away and started sleeping in the park, but, one day, one of Uncle’s men found him.

Mary sets to go and kill Walter so she reminds Danny not to open the door for anyone since his staying with her is a secret. She returns to Walter’s axis and waits for him to start jogging. As soon as he shows face, she follows his path and kills him afterwards.

Benny and his team members are attacked suddenly, apparently they are Luka’s men. They kill five of Benny’s best men and this doesn’t go down well with him.  Certain that Luka’s team is behind the hit on them, Tom tells his father Benny that they should act fast and attack Kozlovs also,  but Benny says he doesn’t want to start a war especially when there is no concrete proof that the Kozlovs are behind the attack. Tom feels his daddy is already weak because of his old age, so he tells him he will handle it himself and then walks away.

Tom goes over to Mary’s place and allows himself in with the spare key in his hand when no one answers the bell.  He finds Danny and asks him who he is and how he knows Mary. Danny replies that he is from Jamaica Plains and he met Mary around. Tom tells Danny to tell Mary to call him when she returns and leaves afterwards. Mary returns and finds Daniel who has been able to figure out after Tom’s visit that Mary is in no security business. Mary is mad at him for going through her things again while Danny is mad at her for lying to him. He tells Mary about Tom’s visit and how he wants to see her urgently. Mary gets more upset that Danny had allowed Tom in but Danny tells her that he had a key. Mary and Danny have another argument but soon settle it. Mary assures Danny that nothing will happen to him, not even her ex-boyfriend Tom can separate them.

Mary is aghast that after their break up, Tom is still holding on to the spare key of her house. Tom tells Mary that the Kozlovs are trying to kill his father- Benny despite the fact that they already killed Walter. Tom captures one of Luka’s men and tortures him. Benny tells Mary that she and Tom will go hit Luka and his team members during their next meeting. Since his son Tom already let him know that Mary is keeping a stray at his house, Benny inquires about Danny from her. He tells her to bring him over during his wife’s –Mina (Margaret Avery) 65th birthday party.

Mary takes Danny to a boutique to buy him new clothes. She tells Danny a bit of her childhood story. She told him that she ran away from her wicked father and was later taken in and cared for Benny. Danny feels that is what she is also doing.

While preparing Danny to meet Benny, Mary tells him what to say and what not to say when Benny is grilling him. Mary tells Danny not to mention anything about Uncle to Benny. She tells her to say he is Danny Warren from Dorchester in Norfolk Avenue street and that he never met his parents because he was in a lot of foster homes. Danny forgets to tell Mary that he already told Tom that he is from Jamaica pains. Mary tells Danny not to totally trust Benny no matter how nice he is.

They both leave for Mina’s 65th birthday party. Benny asks Danny the same questions he already rehearsed with Mary and he replies all, although Tom is suspicious. Benny while dancing with Mary notices how distant she has been in the past few days. He demands to know the reason and Mary says she wants to be out of the game. Tom and Mary have a chat in the kitchen and he lets her know that he knows who Danny really is. He tells her that he is the son of Miller living in Jamaica plain, who was one of Mary’s hit a year ago. He vows not to tell his father if Mary only allows him back into her life, but Mary makes Tom know that she is no longer interested in him. She takes Danny home afterwards.

The next morning, Danny tells Mary that Benny says he can pop in anytime. Not sure of how things may eventually turns out, Mary tells Danny that if anything happens, he should take all the money in her closet and escape and use it to start a new life. This makes Danny who is already comfortable and bonding well with Mary apprehensive because of the fear of losing someone dear to him. However, he promises to do her command.

Tom and Mary are set to hit the Kozlovs in their hideout. Tom already heard from Benny that Mary intends to leave the team. So Tom confronts her and asks if it is because of him that he wants to leave but Mary says no. Tom tells her to wake up and says to her that she can’t leave the group because she already knows too much. Both Tom and Mary enter the Kozlovs territory and attack. A shoot out ensues leaving only Tom and Mary standing, but Luka escapes and Mary is terribly injured. Tom tries to take care of her but she tells him that she is not his responsibility anymore and leaves afterwards.

Tom returns home and tells his father about to shoot out. He tells him that Mary is badly injured.  Tom also reveals Danny’s real identity to his father.

Danny sees that Mary is badly injured and that worries him. She is weak and unable to make a proper move. She tells Danny that Tom and Benny won’t let her go after which she passes out. Danny takes one of Mary’s gun and heads to Benny’s place. He urges him to let Mary go but Benny tells him to stay out of family matters. Danny brings out his gun and points it at Benny, this makes Benny reveal the truth behind his father’s death. He tells Danny that Mary killed his father as he owed them 100,000 dollars. He tells Danny that the reason Mary is taking care of him is because she is guilt filled for making him an orphan and nothing more. This revelation softens Danny and Benny is able to collect the gun from him. Mary soon walks in on them and orders Benny to let Danny go. Mary again makes it clear to Benny that she wants to be out of the team as her debt is all settled but Benny says he won’t allow her go. He instructs her to train Danny just like he trained her. When Mary sees that Benny is not ready to let her go, she shoots him.

Tom returns and finds out that his daddy is dead. Jerome (Owen Burke) who also works with Benny shows up and tells Tom that he suspects Danny boy to have carried out the act. Jerome also recalls how Danny once pulled out a gun on him and tells Tom about this. He tells him Danny is one of uncle’s boys.

Mary suspects that Danny would be at the waterside so she heads to the place, luckily, she finds him there. Danny asks if it is true that she killed his dad and Mary doesn’t deny it. She tells him she regrets doing that. She tells Danny that she truly cares about him and not just the guilt of killing her father. She also lets him know that she has been watching him since his father’s death. She pleads with him to let her fix it all. Tom calls Mary but she doesn’t pick his call. They both head back to her apartment. Meanwhile, Mary tells Danny to stay in the car and that he should hit the horn three times when he suspects anything. As soon as Danny sights Tom’s men, he hits the horn. When Mary doesn’t show up, he tries to save himself but Tom’s men capture him

At the warehouse, Tom asks Danny if he actually killed his father but Danny says he did not. Tom orders all his men to be prepared for Mary and stay at the entrance. Mary finally comes out from her apartment; she notices that Danny has been taken, so she heads to the warehouse. A shoot out ensues leaving Mary, Danny and Tom alive. Mary goes to look for Danny and finds him tied to a chair. She tells Tom that she wants the kid but Tom says he wont let that happen. Mary tells Tom to let Danny go that the fight is between them.  She sets Danny free and is about to take him away when Tom says she is not the mothering type. She calls him pathetic and then turns her back on him. Tom tries to kill her, but Mary kills him instead. She moves closer to him and says “I am the mothering type, asshole” and then finishes him.


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