I am trying so hard to comprehend the exact sport these Indian teenage athletes were actually playing in the court or should I say arena; indoor stadium sha. Any idea, kindly fill in the comment box…Perhaps, I should ask you Google. Hold on a second…

Okay, Acha (I see/understand)! it is called Kabaddi!


In the first scene, two teams (Team A and Team B) made up of teenage athletes are contesting in a match. Apparently team A and B have seven players each, but most of the players are out. Temporarily or permanently? I really don’t know because the camera concentrated only on five of them later. Moving on, one of the players in Team A (the raider from the raiding team) raids into Team B’s court (the defending team) and tags some of them (We don’t get to see the players she tagged though. Perhaps, she was unable to tag any of them) in order to earn points for her team. After tagging them, she tries to make her way back to her team (Team A). However, someone from team B hits her knee; she loses balance and then falls to the ground. The players in Team B capture her and use all their strength to pin her down so she doesn’t cross back over the mid-line and then back to her team. They keep grabbing her and gradually she runs out of breath, but soon the raider garners all the strength, will and resilience. She brings out her limb to surmount defeat automatically earning point for her team




In the second scene, the teenage raider from Team A is seen taking a break after the end of the first session. The trainer/mum offers her a mug of Bournvita in order for her to renew her strength.


For so many sports, especially Kabaddi, you need inner strength, active brain, strong bones, strong muscles; all these are possible to have when you drink Bournvita beverage. Bournvita food drink makes you resilient, helps activate your brain, makes your bones and muscles stronger so that you can have stamina to take part in Kabaddi or any other sport. Great!

The teenage raider demonstrates Inner strength because she was able to eventually stretch her leg and touch the mid-line, hence showing resilience. She also demonstrates Strong bones– because despite the fact that the defending team hit her knee and then used physical force to pin her down, she was able move the leg. She demonstrates Active brain– because when the other teens pin her down, she quickly thinks of how to unpin herself, which she succeeds in doing; that is intellect.



This is the first time #Ogefash Blog is reviewing a Bournvita advert and it is an Indian advert. Also, the language spoken was not English but one of the languages in India, perhaps Telugu; not sure though. We sincerely apologize for the inability to translate this particular language, kindly bear with us. The advert has just two scenes. The first scene is the contest match while the second is where A teen is relaxing and her mum/trainer offered her a mug of Bournvita so she can regain her inner strength and her bone and muscle can be strengthened which is the actual work Bournvita beverage does.

Bournvita is a brand of malted and chocolate malt drink mixes manufactured by Cadbury, a subsidiary of Mondelez International. Some of their other brands include    TomTom, Trebor, Buttermint confections, bournvita, Cadbury, Cadbury buttermint, Cadbury hot chocolate, clorets, tang, trident, Ritz, milka, Mikado, barny, Cadbury, bevita, trident, cote oo, Philadelphia, halls, lu, oreo, dentyne, toblerone, chipsahoy, tang, sour patch, prince. They have their brands widely sold  in #Europe #North America #India #Nepa l#Bangladesh #Nigeria #Ghana #Kenya #South Africa #Benin #Togo

Moving on…

This is one advert different from others because it uses a different kind of sport known as Kabaddi, as against the typically basket ball which most food drinks rely on to emphasize the energy the beverage gives. Kudos, I must really commend them for being creative. However, there were some things that were missing in the advert. Most obvious is the fact that we don’t get to see the officials in the advert, not even a referee.


About Kabaddi Sport

Kabaddi sport may not be familiar to many people, especially for people in the continents of Africa, Antarctica, Australia, Europe, North America, South America. It is a sport common in Asia Continent especially in India. It is a game one has to have enough and enough of stamina, if not the person can’t play the sport. It is a test of one’s true stamina, it  shows one’s stance. In the sport, there are only two teams- Team A  and Team B. They toss a coin to know which team would start out as a raiding team and the one that would be the defending  team. Whichever one they pick, they would play for the next 20 minutes and then go for a 5 minutes break before they alternate and play for another 20 minutes.


But this teenage raider get long legs o,  abi it is camera works ni… How come someone from the defending team hit the raider’s knee? Is this not against the rules of the sport. The only action that shows obedience to the rules of the game is where the raider is held in her upper body and  limb.


This Kabaddi sport, you really need a lot of strength (if you no get am,no near am o), and this is where Bournvita food drink comes in, she had enough of the drink which  helped renew her strength and made her  bones stronger.


Perfect for sport; they were mostly on short and vest but others wore something different. There was no uniformity in their choice of outfit though.


  • We don’t know if all the players in the team are all out or something
  • We don’t see how many people the raider from Team A tagged
  • We don’t see a score board or where the scores are recorded
  • Where are the officials? No Referee or what?
  • No particular uniform to identify them as team
  • Is hitting the knee not against the rules of the Kabaddi sport, why was the perpetrator not warned, the last time I checked, you can just hold down the limb push or pull…

SOUND- Emotive!

Duration- 44 seconds

Remark- Terrific sound that grabs one’s attention and also capable of making one go emotional! However, they did make the sport look real, they left out too many details , but curiousity would definitely make people find out about the game rather than concentrate on the work Bournvita does

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