Our celebrity focus for this month of November is one of the 100 most influential people in the world. She is an actress, singer and a mother of one. She is the mother of 24 years old Marcell Johnson born May 10, 1994 to her former high school heartthrob- William Lamar Johnson who was murdered in 2003.

She is determined, courageous, tenacious, resilient and assiduous; little wonder she did not quiver while growing up despite the many challenges that surrounded her.

She is also a sound track composer; she composed the song used in the movie “Hustle and Flow.” The title of the song is “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” and it won the 2004 Academy Award for Best Song.

She is a no-nonsense person but friendly. She is one of the few celebrities with little or no controversies hovering around her. She is one actress that doesn’t dwell on the negative because it doesn’t make her life progress. She is so self contained and doesn’t rely on a man to foot her bills.

Our November Celebrity focus is one of those actresses that can never go unnoticed not because of her physique but dexterity in the movie industry. She is a perfect interpreter of roles whether comic or drama. For her, acting is therapeutic. She is no other person than Taraji Penda Henson.

“Taraji” according to her means hope while “Penda” means love. Taraji indeed is one beautiful soul filled with “love” and “hopes” just like her name hence the reason she was able to get to the peak of her career. She is one actress that knows her onions; hardly does a year go by without her featuring in a movie.

The “Virgo” actress was born September 11th, 1970 on a Friday; she was born 48 years ago to the family of Bernice and Boris Lawrence Henson. However, her parents divorced when she was just two. Recognizing the importance of education, Taraji started her education journey at Oxon Hill high School in 1988 at Oxon Hill Maryland, after which she proceeded to Howard University where she studied drama.

Just like she took up two jobs in the movie Acrimony, Taraji did various jobs in real life IN order to keep up and pay bills including Howard University Fees. She may not have been surrounded with lots of cash while growing up, but she is certainly oozing out lots of cash now. The star actress commands millions of dollars for any movie she features in.

In her early days in the movie industry, was not earning high like others, but she was not deterred. She held on to what she believed in and assiduously worked her way to become one of the most recognized actresses not just in America but in the world. All films she features in are always commercial success-even if it sets tongues wagging. Talk of Acrimony (2018) where she acted as Mrs. Gayle, The family that Preys (2008) and I can do Bad all bt Myself (2009); all films by Tyler Perry.


Streetwise (1998), the adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle (2000), Satan’s school for girls (2000) baby boy (2001), book of love: the definitive reason why men are dogs (2002), Hair show (2004), hustle and flow (2004), four brothers (2005), Animal (2005), Something new (2006), Smoking Aces (2007), Talk to me (2007), the family that preys (2008), the curious case of Benjamin Button (2008), Not easily broken (2009), Hurricane Season (2009), I can do all bad by myself (2009), Date night (2010), The karate kid (2010), Peep world (2010), Once Fallen (2010), the good doctor (2011), Larry Crowne (2011), Kevin Hart: laugh at My pain (2011), From the rough (2011), think like a man (2012/2015), Madly Madagascar (Okapi voice in 2013), No good deed (2014), Top five (2014), Term life (2016), Hidden Figures (2016), Proud Mary (2018), Acrimony (2018), Ralph breaks the internet (Yessss voice in 2018). She is set to feature in the 2019 movie titled what men want, the best of enemies.

The award winning actress is currently engaged to former Super Bowl-winning NFL player Kelvin Hayden.

She is currently in the television shows- “Taraji’s White hot holidays” which has been airing since 2016 and “Empire” which has been airing since 2015. She won the 2015 Critics Choice Television Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series (for Empire).

The “Boris Lawence Henson” foundation was named after her dad to help end mental stigma in the black community.

Reference: The Biography.com website.Wikipedia


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