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The manufacturers of Coca-cola beverage in Nigeria have really let down millions of consumers. They are yet to understand the true needs of their consumers. They are yet to really know what their consumers’ really want. Coca-Cola bottling company Nigeria recently unveiled “1 Litre” bottle  of coke which they called “Mama” and it goes for the affordable price of 200 Naira. I-s-s-o-k-a-y, very soon they will unveil another one and call it “Papa”, even “Grandma, Grandpa, Aunty, Uncle, Cousins, Family, Blood” and so on.




I don’t know if the marketing manager or whoever is in charge of fixing the prices has some chewing gum blocking his or her eyesight. Infact, I am sure the person lacks business sense; he or she is just not pragmatic. I mean, why is it not so glaring to Coca-cola Nigeria that they have shared and lost millions of their consumers to both the manufacturers of Pepsi and Bigi? People now request more for either Pepsi or the latter on a daily basis thereby raking in millions of Naira for those companies while few people request for Coca-cola once in a while. Tell me, which one brings in more money- “Daily purchase of a product” by millions of people or the “once -in- a-while purchase of a product” by less than a million people?




Why produce a bigger bottle for a cheaper price when the “50cl” ‘pere’ that is handy and used to be rushed by people is still 150 Naira and is only bought by the “few biggest” boys? Ehn Why? So, are they saying if people want to host their close friends or dine with families, they should buy the “MamadiMama” bottle and start pouring in a cup for them? Infact, if they do that, how does that generate much income for the company? They are indeed shortchanging themselves…




I took time out this week going to different shops where they sell drinks. I asked what drink people buy most and I was told Pepsi, next to Bigi. Coca-cola was not even on the list. Then that their 35cl for 100 Naira; I really reserve my comment for now. But if I really must comment, how many people would go for that “kekere” bottle for 100 Naira, when there is Pepsi and Bigi for the same price.  These Pepsi Bottling Company people in Nigeria are very smart and are smiling more to the bank. They understand the people of Nigeria. They understand the country Nigeria.


Before, the competition was between Pepsi and Coca-cola, but now, Pepsi no get rival again, because people readily buy Pepsi without contemplating whether to choose it or Coke. Why? It is cheaper and still has the same great taste. So, ki ni a ba ka?




Coca-cola manufacturers need to send some of their staff out there to survey or just ask consumers via their social media pages what they really want, just like Pepsi manufacturers did last year or so through their “No shaking, carry go” campaign. Pepsi did outdoor shows both in Ibadan and lagos. In Lagos, they took over the Lekki Toll gate, paid people’s toll and gave them free bottles of Pepsi for an hour, this was accompanied with a reduction in the price of their drink to 100 Naira. One would have thought that with the introduction of this 1 Litre “Mama” bottle for 200 Naira and the endorsing of the entire 2baby family as brand ambassadors, Coca-cola company Nigeria would capitalize on it and bring down the price of 50cl to 100 Naira, but no, that did not happen. Their business team lack uncommon business creativity in all aspect.


I know it will seem Coca-cola Nigeria is still making money because money is still coming in very well for them “Iro nla”, they are deceiving themselves. If they sit down to calculate, they would realize that is the same used in making bottles of drinks that they are getting back, if not less. The only thing that is really helping them sell on few occasions is because of the name they have made. They know it, they are really not making much profit again like they used to… I am sure 2Baba and his families know this, but, you know na, it is advert…




Coca-cola bottling company Nigeria seem not to understand that even though Nigerians like good things, they also like affordable things. Pepsi and other drinks are good and they are affordable, so tell me who is losing consumers?


What would it cost them to grant their own consumers request for once and revert back to the old price of 100 Naira, nothing but a rush back of their lost consumers to their beverage again. ShikenA!


Let me tell them the truth, their mama drink is really not realistic at all, because those stuck in traffic or want to buy drinks for their friends or want to give out at a party won’t buy “Mama di mama” and give to them. They need to buy something that is handy and this mama bottle is not handy. It would only be bought once in a while by family when they are indoor. But let’s face the fact, what percentage of people in the world, not just Nigeria, do have a kind of family gathering like the one showed in the advert? What percentage of families in Nigeria sits to dine together? Everybody is busy, Nigerians are busy, Africans are busy, people in Asia, Australia, Antarctica, Europe, North America, South America are busy; the world is busy. Most people to some extent spend more time outdoor than indoor and that is where the buying of the “Bigger boy- 50cl” bottle comes in which they have refused to bring down the price.

Having millions of Coca-cola “Mama” 1 Litre bottle family size in the fridge and freezer doesn’t still guarantee a family’s togetherness at meal time. One member of the family can always be the first to open and pour in a cup and then return it back to the fridge, others would follow suit, as in do the same; so, ki ni aba ka?.





Now, let us face the fact, for how long will the 1 Litre bottle be 200 Naira?  Even, before it gets to the consumers’ ends, I am sure it would have been inflated to 250 Naira or 300 Naira. So?


Some weeks back, I took a friend out and brought snacks for her. When I wanted to get her a drink, she opted for other drinks. She turned down Coca-cola, she was like “Awon eyi si se big boy, won ready lati mu price e wale, okay”




They should face reality, they know the beverage consumers want the price back @ 100 Naira, all coca-cola employers and employees see it every day when they go out, except their faces are covered with veils or something; they are not number 1 again in terms of drinks people rush..



Now, picture this-; Once in awhile buying of the “Bigger boy Coca-cola bottled drink for 150 Naira” by the few rich ones in the country and the everyday buying of the same “Bigger boy Coca-cola bottled drink for 100 Naira” by millions of hustlers on the Nigerian road + the few rich ones; which one would bring in more profit? Really, the choice is theirs. The ball is really in their court. The way they kick it depends on the goal/s they would score.


That is by the way anyway, that is enough for the long-winded intro. Catch the main review below…





Oh mama eh! Oh mama! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!                                                                                     Me got the sun shining on my life, oh mama I told you everything.

Everything gonna be fine, Oh mama the mama oh eh. Oh mama the mama oh eh (Ahahah)

The way you taking good care of us, aint nobody stronger

The way you show me your true love; mama the mama eh eh. Mama the mama eh eh, Mama the mama eh eh (eheheheheheheh) Eheheheh Mama the mama eheheheh

MAMA THE MAMA eh eh, mama the mama eheheheh






At the beginning of the advert Annie Idibia is seen preparing the family meal as well as supervising her youngest daughter’s homework. Meanwhile her other children are just returning from school. One of the male kids immediately rushes to the fridge to grab the Coca-cola “1 Litre “Mama” drink” but Annie Idibia gives him a signal to return it. Meanwhile, another of her daughter is seen setting the plates.




Moments later, Annie Idibia is joined by her husband 2baba, who takes a piece of meat from the dished cuisine in the bowl but Annie lightly taps his hand. 2baba is even unable to eat the meat as his youngest daughter snatches the meat from him and throws into her mouth (That to me is the best part of the advert; I totally love that scene. So funny also! )

Annie Idibia soon dishes the meal; she instantly goes to the fridge to retrieve the “Mama- 1 Litre Coca-cola” drink. Her family expresses their joy seeing her with the Coca-cola drinK.






No more excuses! If families can’t buy the “Bigger Boy- 50cl bottle” for 150 naira for each member of their family, they can now go for the“Mama- 1Litre pack” and share it with the entire household. More content in the bottle for a less price; it is affordable. The “Mama-1 litre pack” fosters togetherness only if they sit down to dine together sha.

A family is merrier when dining if there is a bottled coke to complement the meal.





“Wow! So these are 2Baba’s kids. The youngest daughter is so cute. How come the older daughter that is wearing green Tshirt is fat like that now? She dey really enjoy im mama and papa money. Ehen! are those all 2baba’s sons? I thought they were more than that? Not too worry, at least these ones wey dey use for the advert dey presentable. Oh sugar, did you see 2baba’s daughter at the 22 seconds of the advert, the one that snatched the meat from him after he took it from the bowl? She is so wow! She is the exact replica of her dad-2baba, finer than her sister. Well may be because she is fat sha…She used to be very fine when she was small, now she is just fine; she should go and trim down o, maka odi fat”

This and more is what Nigerians and some non-Nigerians would be saying about the advert. It doesn’t guarantee the “Push factor”, it wouldn’t really drive people into buying it. But, if the way they unveiled it, they also reduced the “Bigger boy-50cl” price to 100 Naira, nna mhen, their consumers would be happy all day. As a matter of fact, they would count how many times they have patronized other beverage companies and buy times two from coke; not kidding

So to the mainnn review, I truly love the family, they are cute. I love the togetherness the advert emphasizes. Infact, I feel like going to call my parents in South South, my sister and brother in different parts of the west and my sister overseas that they should come together so we can share the “Mama 1 Litre drink” What do you think?  Just kidding though.

But truthfully, what is the percentage of families that sit together to dine like the one displayed in the advert, like I said before in the intro, it is a few of them.

I love the fact that they all had a touch of red, except 2Baba and his first daughter though.




Annie wore a red apron while her daughter wore a red ribbon, one of her sons wore a red T-shirt  and held a red ball while another held on to his earphone.

I love how expressive they were when they drank Coca-cola from the cup. Annie idibia was the best to me; she was more expressive. Infact, from her expression, even without drinking Coca-cola, I already feel like I have“tasted the feeling” that moment.

I love the setting of the whole place, so on point. Oh, thank God! Someone familiar is on that wall picture, and it is 2baba, not like some adverts that the pictures on the wall are unfamiliar faces.




Objects that are colour red in the advert– Kettle, apron, plate, red base for the plant, red bag, earphone, ball, T-shirts, skirt, utensils, ribbon and earrings


Very interesting to the ears! Also attention grabbing. It would be so good on shaku shaku moves. Infact, hold up a minute, let me try it… I just did, o perfect gan ni.



  • How come 2Baba and his first daughter were not wearing a touch of red
  • Why was his first daughter jumping like a small girl, yeah, I know she is small, but not the smallest (well, that kind of made the advert real, but I think it should have been passed on to his youngest daughter.)

REMARK: I love everything about the advert; the visuals and the sound. I really can’t stop playing it. 2 Baba’s youngest daughter made it very interesting to watch, next to Annie Idibia, then others all together. However, I hope that Coca-cola bottling company will yield to the call of many consumers like me and revert to the old price of 100 Naira for the 50 cl bottle.






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