THIS IS HOW “SO DIRTY” LAGOS STATE IS NOW “Where’s VisionEscape sorry VISIONSCAPE”, na still thesame meaning self…

Haba, “Centre of Excellence” menini na?

Today, I took time out from my busy schedule moving from one busstop to another, from one street to another and what I saw made me almost puke; everywhere was/is extremely dirty. I thought it was only my area that Governor Ambode’s ‘VisionEsacaped’ sorry Visionscape people decided not to come and pack dirts again (Infact, dem never come this our area before), but I was proven wrong this afternoon. Where is Governor Ambode’s Visionscape? Did their Vision escape or what? Lagos is so dirtyyyy. Even the newly constructed Ilaje road is always dirty.

If President Donald Trump sees this, I am sure he would write a book about Nigeria in a day.

Infact, I must say that those citizens that allowed their dirts to be much like that are dirty. I mean if Visionscape are not working, the truck pushers are. So, why wait for them when it is obvious that they are on sleeping mode; infact in Olamide’s voice “Ori won ti hibernate”

Why even wait for them when you know that they are currently not billing you for the service?

Please if your area is clean, kindly let us know. If it is dirty, fill us in also. Kindly attach pictures and send to




Governor Ambode is “working” not on the sanitation of Lagos, but majorly road construction. During Fashola’s tenure, the cleanliness of Lagos State is the Fear of Fashola. Lagos was clean all through the 8 years he was in power, and now that everything has dabaru, how will Lagos be clean again?

Will Sanwo Olu or Jimi Agbaje be able to restore Lagos state when they slug it out next year for the seat of Lagos state governor and one of them emerges winner or will Governor AMbode be able to transform Lagos back to the cleanest state in the few months he has in the office? Well, make we dey watch together…


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